Monday, December 29, 2014

December 29, 2014

   How is everyone?! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! And hopefully my prayers are being answered and everyone is happy and safe as can be! :)
The past two weeks have been incredible! Here is the brief rundown...
   We had an awesome Family Home Evening with Hermana K...and dinner was included! She made the rice and bananas and P and I were in charge of the chicken and papas! Here in Ecuador they have something really popular called Papi-Pollo...TOO GOOD! The US is missing out for sure! 
   Last week Elder P and I were walking home from the cyber and this drunk dude came up to us...he was selling Tortillas...and he was very persistent! To the point where we were starting to feel a little threatened so we gave in and bought...and then he insisted on watching us...long story short it took my stomach a while to recover from that one...don't buy from drunks!
   Still working on the house of one of our converts...still playing football with bricks! Way too much fun! We still have a ways to go with their house but it is so fun to help out such and incredible family! I love serving the members and people in general here. It is one of the grandest blessings as a missionary.
   Kinda a cool story...The Lord works in mysterious ways! I was with the ward mission leader and Elder G was with a member on a split...we were supposed to meet back up at the house of the mission leader at a specific time so we could leaved from there to our house together. The time rolled around but I felt prompted to just keep I did. We ended up running into Elder G quite a ways away...and we walked far enough that we didn't need to take a taxi to our house so we just decided to walk...and on our way we found TWO amazing families who we are now teaching. They are AMAZING! And had we not have kept walking, we would not have had to walk home...and would not have found these two families who The Lord has prepared for the message of this true and restored gospel. FOLLOW THE PROMPTINGS OF THE SPIRIT! He will guide you to the path that you need to take...more importantly he will guide you to others paths that need YOU.
   I was with Elder P and we were teaching a woman who runs her own little store. She sells candy, toiletries, drinks, etc...and we were teaching her about the word of wisdom. THE INSTANT we told her that coffee was against the word of wisdom she responded, "Oh no, I am a sinner". After learning that she was breaking a commandment of our Heavenly Father she decided to stop drinking coffee...and even cooler...she does not sell it in her store anymore! How neat!?? She is such a humbling example to me of what it means to sacrifice and what it means to rely on and follow The Lord and His teachings. I have full faith that the window of Heaven will open over her head and the blessings will poor out upon her and her family.
   We also had another BBQ with K...she is always asking to feed us! And of course we always accept! Haha! She was in charge of the rice and bananas again and P and I cooked the meat...I accidentally burnt a piece :/ She just laughed it off and made sure to give it to Elder G! Haha! SSHHHHH ;)
   Our ward had a Christmas was Disco Themed! SO neat! To bad I couldn't get down with my bad self as a missionary! Haha! It is hard to go from buck wild to nothing...but I did it! Tons of our investigators ended up going and having a good was really an awesome activity.
   We got to go to the temple with the youth in the ward too this past week! Such an awesome experience! Elder P and I did confirmations! How cool it was to see our converts make it to the House of The Lord. One of the best feelings in the world by far. Indescribable. Unreal. The joy of seeing people change through becoming closer to our Savior is my most favorite thing in the whole world.
   I had to lend my suit to one of our converts for a party of his two weeks ago...still have not got it back...haha! Hopefully it shows up sooner or later...but I have been wearing Elder P's...and I am sure it would have fit me 5 months ago but now it is a little baggy...haha.
   The final between Barcelona and Emelek was this past week too. They are two teams from Guayaquil...and the rivalry is INSANE! Emelek ended up winning and the streets went wild! Wild to the point of danger! Flipping tables, throwing chairs, parades, drinking, and moshes. If only the people here were as passionate about conference as they are about soccer! ;)
   Last week was the BOMB! We got to spend P-DAY in Guayaquil...we saw HUGE paper sculptures. A big thing here on new years is to make paper sculptures and stuff them with bombs and fireworks. As soon as it is the new year they light them off..I am pretty pumped for that! I hear it is pretty awesome! And the sculptures are pretty impressive...
   On the 23rd, we had our mission Christmas party fiesta thingy...with all 250 missionaries! It was awesome! We all stuffed in one chapel so it was pretty packed. And I reunited with Elder J! It was so tight to kick it with the homie for the night. And we both spent the night at the temple hotels so we spent that whole day that dude! We had a quick conference with the President on the 24th and then headed home.
   We got back to Ventanas around 6ish on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve here is a whole lot bigger than Christmas day. We had tons of dinners and visits with members. So much fun! The streets were wild! It still did not feel like was hot, humid, and the trees branches flow up instead of down! ;) Elder P and I had our own little Christmas with the packages that our fam bams sent us which was fun...we went out on Christmas day and gave candy and toys to the niños, which was the highlight of the day by far! Did my laundry, studied, and ate some rice. So it was a pretty normal day in the mission...but a normal day in the mission is the best day ever not in the mission. I still got to put a plaque over my heart and represent our Savior! Which is the greatest gift ever!
   A member bought me a coconut...when I was drinking the milk I accidentally dropped it...they have so much built up pressure in the coconuts that when it hit the ground it exploded all over me! haha! SO there is my moment...
   Obviously seeing the family was amazing. Man do I have a beautiful mother! So good to see how happy my family was! And it made me more and more grateful for them every second I was talking to them...and more and more excited to work hard and help other families have what I have. We ended our Skype session with a prayer...half way through the prayer I felt something on my leg...I looked down and there was a MASSIVE Cockroach...I had to swallow my fear and finish strong soon as I said amen I lost it! I swiped him off my lap and finished the i thought...but, the next day I reached in my back pack to get my camera and the first thing I felt were little fuzzy legs and scraggly antennas. These cockroaches are endless!
We got 2 whole hours to chat with our sweet missionary! It was so good to see and hear him - he is doing well and is so happy. :)

The kids prepared a One Direction song to sing to Elder Noll and he LOVED it!

Elder Noll Happy, Happy, Happy! 

A Missionary Mom's favorite gift...all her kids together :)

   I am honestly having such an awesome time here! There are so many other stories I have but we would be here for days! And I do not have a whole lot of time!
   This time of year I am always overwhelmed with gratitude for the gift of repentance. With the new year we have the chance to set new goals and start the year out blessed we are to have the chance to start fresh every day of our lives through the Atonement of our Savior. I love the end of the 10th chapter of 2Nephi. We are told to "cheer up our hearts"and to choose for ourselves everlasting life or death. In today's terms...HEY! Lighten up! You are making your own decisions! Don't blame anyone else. YOU have the chance to make your OWN decisions...and your decisions will lead you to your destination.
The choice is yours.
It follows by inviting us to be "reconciled to God". To remember Him. To be like Him. And there is NO WAY that we can be even somewhat similar to Him with the spots of the world...being the sinners that we all are. That is why being reconciled to God through repentence is so important. It will make the difference between happiness and misery. Light and dark. It is the difference between life and death, Brothers and Sisters. Reconcile and repent. With every fiber of your soul every single day. Through repentance we can become cleansed from the spots of the world. We will become more like our Savior. Every time we kneel before our Heavenly Father and BEG for His forgiveness we are one step closer to coming forth on the morning of the first resurrection and inheriting the Kingdom of God.
It is not too late! It is never too late. Repentance is always available to anyone...and it is only made possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ which was, is, and alway will be eternal. Never feel like you are hopeless or helpless...because if we have two things in this life with the Atonement it is HOPE and HELP. No matter what. NO matter the situation, who you are, where you are, or what you have done. The Lord´s only invitation for YOU is the come unto Him.
Choose TODAY. Our Savior is waiting to embrace you fully with His everlasting love.
I love the focus on Jesus Christ this time of year. His birth is so important...He was and still is the greatest gift that the world has ever known...
But, the baby grew up, Brothers and Sisters.
Rather, let us focus on the life that our Savior LIVED. Not just the fact that He was born.
Focus on the fact that the God of the Universe descended below all so that He could know, feel, and succor YOU perfectly. SO that you could be forgiven. So that you could return to live with your Heavenly Father again. So let's go there! Let's reconcile ourselves! Let's accept His invitaion and come unto Him through repenting daily and be cleansed through the Atonement and grace of God.
Choose TODAY!
   I testify, in His holy name, that the only way to inherit the Kingdom of God is through repentance which is made possible through the most loving, powerful, and eternal act in the history of the world; the Atonement.
He is ready for your return...He always is.
Love you all so much! I know I say that every week but it is so true!
Happy New Years!
Elder Noll

Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22, 2014

Hey All!
I do not have any time at all really! :/ We are headed to Guayaquil for the next couple of days and we have to head out in a little bit! That being said...I will have to update you all about this past weeks adventures next week. But that means twice the stories, twice the awesomeness, and twice the GRINGO! I do want to leave time for a spiritual message though!
   How incredible is the life of Jesus Christ? I can´t even begin to wrap my head around all that He did and continues to do for me. We could start with, ´´and laid Him in a manger, because there was no room in the Inn´´. That is pretty humbling...never mind the fact that He is the first born Son of God, creator of the universe, and sent to the earth to take upon Himself the sins of all existence. With all this in mind...Baby Jesus just kicks it in a manger. It does not matter where we are from or where we are now...only where we are GOING. Only what we do with the circumstances that we are given. The Savior understands ALL when there is no room in the Inn and you are forced to stay out in the streets...when you feel cast out, hurt, and alone...remember who was born first in those circumstances...and look to Him with faith.
   Now everyone think back to what you were doing when you were 12 years old...
Probably nothing very productive! I was more than likely watching the Vikings lose a football game while obsessing over my new Facebook account! Haha! And what was our Savior doing at the young age of 12? ´´Going about His Fathers work´´. This is not only for 12 year olds, but for all of us! It does not matter how old you are, where you are, if you are scared, or if you don´t feel ready...Go about your Fathers work! He needs you! And to be need this work! One thing I have come to find in these short 4 months is that I need this mission, this message, and these people a whole lot more than they need me! You are old enough. Don´t be scared. And when it comes to being ready...who is EVER ready? That´s what The Lord is for!
   A little later on in Christ´s life He is Baptized. WHAAAAATTTTT??? What an incredible example. Our LITERAL PERFECT Brother was Baptized.
´´And now, if the Lamb of God, he being holy, should have need to be baptized by water, to fulfill all righteousness, O then, how much more need have we, being unholy, to be baptized, yea, even by water!´´
   For those who have been Baptized...continue to take upon yourself the name of Jesus Christ every day by living EXACTLY like He did, in EXACTLY every way, in EXACTLY every moment. Live in a way that when people think of you...they think of Him. For those who have not followed in the footsteps of our Savior and been Baptized, (EXACTLY how He was Baptized) the invitation is the same. Take upon yourself His name. There is always room in the Kingdom of God. I testify that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true and restored Gospel. I testify that it is the ONLY true church on the face of the earth.
´´ONE Lord, ONE faith, ONE baptism.´´
I testify that the Heavens will open as they did for Jesus Christ and as they did for me...and as they do for all whom are Baptized in the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS:
The heavens will open and the Holy Ghost will descend upon you. The heavens will open and you will receive blessings in every single aspect of your life. Blessings beyond comprehension. The heavens will open and you will forever have a home in the presence of our Heavenly Father.
The lists of amazing things that our Savior did could go on forever. Literally...forever. How many times did He heal the sick, cast out spirits, or comfort the poor? He walked on water and raised a man from the dead!
I guess the moral of this message is to remember Him in all things. ESPECIALLY DURING THIS CHRISTMAS SEASON. Remember why we are celebrating and what we are actually celebrating. Remember who was born and what He did for you. Above the bikes, clothes, cell phones, and toys...remember the best and most greatest gift of all...Our Savior. His life. His Atonement. He is the best thing that ever happened and will ever happen to the universe.
Remember Him by remembering others. Remember your friends...your family...and every human being to walk the face of the earth...besides yourself. Above all though...remember your Savior and His life. Remember your Heavenly Father.
Look to The Lord´s light...the light that was gifted to us. There is no greater gift. There is no greater light.
Nuestro Salvador y Redentor nació. El vivió. El vive...y Su amor es para siempre.
Merry Christmas from thousands of miles away!
I love you all so much!
Have an incredible holiday! Be safe!
Love, Elder Noll

Monday, December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

   What a week! On Monday and Tuesday everyone in our house was super sick. We can not figure out what it was though! We think it has something to do with the millions of mystery bugs flying around the house...just a guess though!? I will let you all know after further investigation! :)
   So, we ended up going to Quevedo again for another conference which was awesome! It is so good to hear from Presidente Riggins...he is such an incredible man! And seeing your #1 homie since Kindergarten is always a plus! Elder J is still doing great! Still a stud! Still a goof and I am still better looking...but he is doing great!
   Good grief...I was on a split with the Ward Mission Leader and walking in the middle of the street was a HUGE man. Absolutely GIGANTIC...and I guess he was so big that the dude on the motorcycle did not see him! This giant got DRILLED by the motorcycle from behind and went FLYING. I thought he was dead. NO LIES. After causing a shock-wave after hitting the ground he bounced right back up and just strutted his stuff off. What on earth does he put in his rice? So that was quite the visual experience!
   On Wednesday night there was a big soccer game...we were walking back to the house and passing a restaurant right when Barcelona (a team from Ecuador) scored. Everyone in the streets and in the restaurant...and everywhere really...went absolutely nuts! Throwing tables and flipping chairs! They take things pretty seriously here! Haha! We made it out of the rush and I felt a little tickle on my arm...when I looked down there was a huge cockroach crawling on my arm. I tried to swipe it off but it eventually made it up onto my shirt, up to my neck, and DOWN MY COLLAR! I lost it! Luckily it crawled right back out and I eventually smacked it off...Unluckily...I think I peed a little...those things are scary.
   The other day Elder P and I taught a guy from the 666. I was really timid at first...but we should NEVER judge. This man was INCREDIBLE! He was the nicest and most receptive guy ever! He already has a testimony of Joseph Smith! How cool!?
   Ah man...I woke up the other day with painted nails...PINK! Haha! Freaking Elder P! I couldn't scratch it off so I had to go ask around for nail polish can imagine the looks I got when they saw me with my pink nails...I am going to get him back though! Don't worry! ;)
   We got to do service again! I was kind of back in the football days! I was on top of the roof and the Hermanos below would chuck the bricks from below up to me and I had to catch them and put them in place. So that was a good time. I got to throw a couple up too...lets just say I should stick with Receiver! 
   We had a super fun family night with a super cool family with all 4 of the Elders in our house. When we were on our way home Elder P snuck up behind me, un-tucked my shirt, and then took off down the middle of the street...such a punk! But I went after him. Gringo VS Gringo...We were getting all sorts of stares! Haha! I eventually caught him...I could not do a whole lot so I just un-tucked his shirt too...hahah. Then we bought a role of toilet paper and played football on the way back to the house. People from Guatemala should probs stick to soccer! Haha! But it was super fun and super funny!
That was pretty much this week!
The mission had cambios...I honestly can't remember the word in English...but I am going to kick it with Elder G for a little longer! We are pumped to still be working together! 
   This weeks message is on our obligation to sacrifice...and boy is it hard! How can we possible be expected to "straightway leave our nets, and follow Him." or to "offer up our whole souls unto him"? Brothers and Sisters, I believe it is pretty simple. The Gospel of Jesus Christ has and ALWAYS will require sacrifice. In the history of the church some pretty incredible people have been asked to do some pretty incredible things. Incredible things that require incredible sacrifice. Let's take a massive hike into the wilderness with murmuring brothers and as soon as we make it to our destination let's turn around and put our life on the line to obey the Lord...pretty tough right? Without hesitation though ... Nephi proceeds forward and sacrifices. Joseph Smith gave everything to this church. Eventually his life. He was tarred and feathered, beaten and scourged...and it was all for our Savior. I am sure at many times "their hearts were depressed, and they were about to turn back." -Alma 26:27. However...continue on in this verse and "The Lord comforted them" and "promised success". I know that The Lord will guarantee you the same promise if we sacrifice our all for Him. Your depressed heart can turn into a successful one with The Lord. Don't fear sacrifice! Look for it! Desire it! We LEARN as we DO. We can not progress as spiritual children of God without exercising our spirits and our willingness to follow our Redeemer.
Presidente shared this awesome quote with us in the conference the other translates to...
´´Vision without action is a waste of time. Action without vision is a sleep. The two together work miracles.´´
ACT, Brothers and Sisters. Sacrifice. Sacrifice with a vision and with a purpose. When asked to sacrifice 2 years or 1 1/2 years to save souls accept it gladly and willingly! We should feel honored that our Heavenly Father trusts us with so great a call. Sacrifice everything you have for your family, your friends, and for others. Sacrifice everything you have for everything but yourself. More than anything...sacrifice your soul to this Gospel and to our Savior...because he sacrificed his entire soul and every ounce of spiritual, physical, and emotional pain for you.
Take a moment to enter as your brother cries out to our Father in Heaven in pain for you. Watch His trembling hands clench as He endures your excruciating pains, deepest fears, and natural imperfections. Watch as His white robe turns to red after bleeding from every poor. Watch as He is ridiculed, beaten, and spit upon...and crucified. Watch as He begs our Heavenly Father to forgive those who have afflicted Him, Now after watching your Savior do this for you...what are you willing to do for Him?
And if thou shouldst be cast into the pit, or into the hands of murderers, and the sentence of death passed upon thee; if thou be cast into the deep; if the billowing surge conspire against thee; if fierce winds become thine enemy; if the heavens gather blackness, and all the elements combine to hedge up the way; and above all, if the very jaws of hell shall gape open the mouth wide after thee, know thou, my son, that all these things shall give thee experience, and shall be for thy good.
To sacrifice is to struggle. To sacrifice is to willingly endure challenges because you love. To sacrifice is to become more like Jesus Christ. And at times we are going to feel cast into a pit with fierce winds against us...but it is for an eternal purpose. When we are forced to endure a fraction of what our Savior had to endure or have to suffer a fraction of the physical or mental pain that Jesus Christ had to feel...endure it well. 
The Son of Man hath descended below them all. Art thou greater than he?
I testify that the Son of Man did indeed descend below them all and did, in fact, atone for us all. There is nothing greater than His love...His example...or His light. After all that He has done for you, me, and is our sacred obligation...and a give it ALL back to Him. All that is in our power. Devote your heart and soul to this truth and to this faith. Sacrifice! Sacrifice! Sacrifice! 
The more you give the more you will get!
Love you all! 
Have a stellar week! And stay safe during the Holiday season!
Elder Noll


Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

   I am alive! Not that anyone was really wondering...I just thought I would just let you all know ;)
   Last P-DAY was a little crazy...we were in Guayaquil and didn't have any time to write! But here I am! I am okay!
   First I want to say that I hope everyone had an amazing Thanksgiving with family and friends! Hopefully everyone is safe and full :)
   So, two weeks ago Elder P and I constructed a Ping-Pong table...How awesome!? We got the paddles after searching for them for our entire P-DAY...we made it back to the house...anxious to play...I go to serve...wait...we don't have ping pong balls! We searched diligently and could not find any for the longest time, but we finally came across some! So every P-DAY we get our PONG on! Pretty tight! 
   Last week was pretty much the week of service (if I had to put a name to it). We helped a family put a second level on their house...TOUGH work! Concrete, bricks, and heights...three of my favorite things in the world! ;) It really has been fun though! I GOT FRIED though! So I guess that was my Gringo moment of the week...forgot my sunscreen and ended up looking like a tomato for a few days. It was funny to see the concerned looks I was getting from everyone.
    I got to help someone change the oil in their car the other day! Thank goodness for a '73 Bus and an INCREDIBLE Father. I also taught a man how to pop the clutch and start his car with the battery dead! Thank goodness again for a '73 Bus and an INCREDIBLE Father. Everything happens for a reason! Even if your car doesn't always start, it has a plywood window, and gas leaks out the bottom...everything happens for a reason! ;) Haha!
   Hmmmmm...They like to eat fish here this time of year so that has been fun! Too bad they don't gut them! All they do is cut them in thirds (Fourths if it is a big fish) and throw it in a pan and plop them in a soup! How brutal?! So I ate a strait up fish head. Bones, eyes, and honestly did not taste bad, but I felt bad for the poor fish looking me in the eyes as I ate his own head. I guess that counted as my Thanksgiving!
   We found an AMAZING family! There is no doubt in  my mind that The Lord has prepared them for this Gospel at this exact time. We feel so blessed to have been led there by the spirit. They have an adorable little girl! She turns 3 this month...she is so funny. She asked me why my skin is yellow and why my arm hair is white...every lesson since she sits on my lap and pets my arm if I am a dog. It keeps her quiet though! Haha!
   The other day we were fishing water out of a well with a bucket...I was really struggling. For some reason I could not fill the bucket! And the well is so deep that you can't see what's up at the bottom because it is so dark. The members we were helping started busting up. I could not figure out what the deal was. Finally after about 15 minutes of my tomato red, frustrated, foolish looking self trying to get water for this family I pulled the rope up...and the bucket was not even there!!!! I almost lost it! HAHAHAHAH! I am convinced that they knew it the whole time but they were just enjoying themselves too much! 
   We were helping another member that night with her Christmas decorations. She has a MASSIVE box with with so many decorations, ornaments, and fragile things like that. We were doing okay and as soon as she said "be careful", the bottom of the box ripped open and a very large majority of her stuff went crashing to the ground. I felt so bad! Broken Santa Clause heads all around was a NIGHTMARE. But she just shrugged her shoulders and invited us inside for rice and bananas! So we accepted :)
   ¿Que Mas? We are trying to finish up this house for this family, right? We are working on the roof right now. We needed a hammer or something like that so I climbed down to retrieve it. At the same time, Elder G needed to dump the bucket of dirty concrete there I am...casually picking up a hammer like anyone would pick up a hammer...and I am suddenly bombarded with 84 gallons of water...apparently Elder G did not see me below. Haha! So it was refreshing I guess...and it is as close to swimming as I will get for the next little while! Haha! Despite the fact that it was filthy and filled with concrete...
   We went to a place in our sector se llama Hechandia. It is about an hour and a half outside of Ventanas by bus. So we headed out there, my companion and I with 2 members - to preach the gospel! The bus was a lot more expensive than we thought...we were broke...and stranded in Hech-an-freaking-dia...we put together every single one of our nickels, pennies, and dimes and ended up having EXACTLY the right amount to get us 4 back to Ventanas. How cool? No more, no less...If that is not a miracle I am not sure what is!
   Saturday we were in Quevedo for a conference with Juan A. Useda! He is the President of South America Northwest Area and a member of the first quorum of the 70...holy smokes was that awesome! I learned SO much from him...shaking his hand was truly humbling...and I got to do it twice because he came to Ventanas yesterday for another conference in OUR ward! The capilla was filled! So filled that we had to stand up for the whole meeting! So cool! 
   On Saturday since we were in Quevedo I was reunited with mi Hermano, Elder J! We are the same exact numbnuts as we have always been...good grief. I was sitting up in the stands...I forget the word in English...where the speakers sit...where the microphones are...those seats behind the bishop and what not...and Elder J was sitting in one of the first rows in the congregation...and if any of you know Elder J and I you know that we were making faces and making each other laugh! Hopefully the President of the entire Northwest and Member of the seventy did not see...I think with just about 13 years of experience we got away with it though! Haha! It was so great to see him!
   The Christmas Devotional was great! How incredible was the choir though!?
   That was basically the last two weeks!
   Holy smokes...the only difficulty about sharing a spiritual message each and every week is choosing what to share! I could go on for DAYS! I am learning so much every second of every day and am growing so much. I think I just want to testify this week...that way I can touch on more than one thing!
   This church is true. I know it with all of my heart. Of all the churches in the world...all of the religions...all of the blessed I feel to be a part of the only restored and true church. I know that this Gospel was brought to the earth in this dispensation through the hand of God by the Prophet, Joseph Smith. Joseph Smith...a 14 year old boy...saw our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. That same boy did more for this world in every single aspect ever than anyone to walk the earth ever...with exception to Jesus Christ Himself. I know he was called of God and through the Spirit brought forth the Book of Mormon, which is the word of God and is the most sacred of books on the earth today. I know families are forever. I know that it is only in and through our Savior and His atonement that we are capable to live eternally in the presence of God in His Kingdom. I have a testimony of this "Marvelous Work and a Wonder". I know that we all have lost brothers and sisters. The Lord has lost sheep...and we have all been entrusted by the Almighty God of the universe to strap on our defend this faith...and to save the souls of many. I know that God is a God of miracles. I know it is through Him that Moses was led to dry ground. It was Him who loosened the bands from Nephi's wrists and ankles. It was Him who gave Joseph Smith the ability to translate the Book of Mormon. The Lord is "the same yesterday, today, and forever". The Heavens are open...His work never ceases...and neither do His miracles. Put your trust in Him.
   I know the atonement is real...with all of my heart. I know that it is real and that it is eternal. I know that our Savior took upon Himself the pains, struggles, and weaknesses of this world so that we could find our way home. So that we could have a light to follow and look to. I know walking in the light is hard sometimes. Staying in the light is difficult...but walking in the light and persevering in the light is how we develop more light! Look to our Savior's light and follow! Step by you are in Utah following someone in 3 feet of snow...placing your steps EXACTLY where they place theirs! I have a testimony of the power of conversion. I continue to be converted more and more to this gospel every single day. I have a testimony of prayer. As hard as this life is and as dark as times can get...I know that the Lord will deliver us from our sufferings through prayer. Learn to live in patience. Learn to walk in the darkness...and you will only need to walk in darkness for a little while, if you search for the light (Jesus Christ) and prayer can change your path of darkness to a lit path. As I think of the 2 most powerful events in the history of the world, I can't help but notice the similarity between the two. THE ATONEMENT...the saving grace of the entire universe, the universal lifeline for mankind...started with a prayer. The restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ was followed by a prayer by a 14 year old boy. If you think your prayers are insignificant...think again. The two most powerful events in universal...history were followed by prayers...God listens and is on His toes...ready to answer the desires and requests of your heart. I know that Heavenly Father loves His children. He knows you. Perfectly. He knows what is best for you. So don't worry if you have a difficulty or trial in your life right now! It is all apart of His perfect plan for you! Faith in Jesus Christ is CONFIDENCE. Confidence in this plan and in this Gospel. Trust Him. We can do hard things. We were born to do hard things. We committed to do hard things because we knew we would be strong enough to do hard things. God knows we can do hard things and he had enough confidence in us to overcome hard things that he sent us here to this earth to do hard things and become more like him. We can overcome trials. We can do all things through Jesus Christ. We are sons and daughters of a King. You are royalty. Of this I testify of, in the sacred name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Keep Keepin´ Hermanos y Hermanos. Les amo much. Mas que todo...Dios nos ama. Mucho. BASTANTE. SIN termina. SIN la habilidad a comprender.
Hablarè proxima semana! (roughly translated: Brothers and Sisters, I love you very much. Most of all...God loves us...and then something about ending sin and being able to understand...until next week...)
Elder Noll 

Monday, November 24, 2014

November 24, 2014

Que Mas, America?!
Other than cooking...? Haha! 
    It is just the usual here in Ecuador, 3500 miles away...PERFECTION! This week was great! On Monday night I went on a split with one of the ward members. Biggest stud I know! He has disabilities but we are teaching him how to read and write because he wants nothing more than to serve a mission. How cool is that?! He has such a strong testimony and I am continually amazed and humbled by his Christlike example. We made it back to his house late Monday night and were waiting for Elder G... While doing so, I got talking to his mom, who was asking me all sorts of questions about the United States. Food was obviously brought up...and I told her my favorite food was a Lasagna that my mom makes. So the next day we got a call and his mom said, "Elder Noll! I made you your Lasagna!" I couldn't have been more excited. was her first time making the dish...and they don't eat it in it was NOT the Lasagna I grew up with. Bless her heart for trying...but I had to choke that sucker down...and hold back the tears as she put seconds...and then thirds on my plate. Let's just say that I am very glad that is over! All around good experience though! ;) Hah!
    Something amazing happened! Elder D was very sick earlier in the week. He was shaking super bad and was having trouble breathing. We were all super scared. We decided to give him a blessing. I was blessed with the opportunity to give it. I am not exactly sure what I said or how I said it but as soon as we said, "Amen", he calmed down and fell asleep. ALMOST INSTANTLY! He woke up the next day fine. If that is not a miracle from our Savior I don't know what is! How lucky are we to have the Lord's power and authority restored to the earth today? So incredible.
    On Wednesday our District got to go to the temple...which was obviously amazing. It is truly incredible to feel the spirit in The Lord's Holy House. We ended up making it back to Ventanas late at night and all got off the bus...except one. So the bus took off with one Elder still on it...sleeping away. The bus made it about 100 yards down the rode and suddenly you see an Elder SUPERMAN jump out of the moving bus. It was hilarious! So we all had a good laugh at that.
    Friday was pretty neat too! I went on a split with Elder M. He has been here just 6 weeks longer than I have. He went to Olympus...and it is a good thing he did not play football or else he would probably be dead! ;) Haha! He really is a stud...and we found FOURTEEN families! It truly is amazing how the spirit works and the ability it has to lead and guide you to people who are in need. Later that night we went to a members' house for Elder M´s FELIZ CUMPLEANOS! 2 meals and 2 cakes later we made it back to the house...and on our way up the stairs we passed the family that lives right below us and they invited us to ANOTHER FELIZ CUMPLEANOS! Gee wiz...more cake...haha! I was fine with it though!
    Then...on Saturday our ward went to the temple so we got to go again! We had to get up at 5 though. At first we were trying to be super quiet out of respect for the other Elders sleeping in our house. One thing led to another and eventually I was blasting MoTab. Choir and making smoothies with the loudest blender on the planet! Haha! They were SO SO mad...but it was pretty funny for me! And of course...the temple was absolutely incredible again. 
    We had another record breaking Sunday! 180 attended church yesterday! We were over the moon! It has nearly doubled in the past 4 months. It is so amazing to see The Lord´s hand in this work. I truly am loving every second of His work. 
    It wouldn't be a week in Ecuador if Elder Noll didn't make a fool out of himself...would it?
    We were tracting and I was walking on the sidewalk...I didn't see that the sidewalk ended so as I took my step, expecting concrete, I fell right on my the mud. It's all good though...I have kind of learned to live with these Gringo moments...haha! It is part of this life! ;)
  I don't have a whole lot of time and I still have to share a spiritual message so I am sorry if this weeks recap was a little boring! With the limited time I have, I just wanted to share a scripture! So everyone go grab your scriptures and flip open to Alma 34:38. Let's take a look at it a little closer!
    38 That ye contend no more against the Holy Ghost, but that ye receive it, and take upon you the name of Christ; that ye humble yourselves even to the dust, and worship God, in whatsoever place ye may be in, in spirit and in truth; and that ye live in thanksgiving daily, for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you.
    1) RECEIVE the Holy Ghost. When you receive a prompting don't deny it! Our Heavenly Father knows you PERFECTLY and is going to send His spirit to guide your life in a direction that is best for you. When we deny that spirit and its promptings we are telling The Lord that we don't trust Him. Trust in Him! Trust in the spirit. Be like Nephi and be "led by the spirit; not knowing beforehand what you should do."
   2) Take upon yourself the name of Christ. We make this covenant each and every week when we partake of the sacrament...and it is HUGE. But what does it actually mean? For me, to take upon yourself the name of Jesus Christ, means that when other people see you, your character, and your actions, they are reminded of Jesus Christ. Woah...kind of a big responsibility, right? Pretty big promise we make every week. We are promising to strive to live the life He lived. Walk the path He walked. Be the person He was. Brothers and Sisters, put His name on your heart...what a blessing it is to be trusted to represent such a divine role. What a privilege it is to be trusted to take upon ourselves His sacred name.
   3) Humble yourself. This is something WE ALL need to work on, I believe. We are all nothing. But through our Savior we can BECOME something. With this attitude of BECOMING I believe that we will see The Lord´s hand more in our lives. Don't focus on what you are or what you are not...only on what you can become through the hand and mercy of The Lord. It also applies to your perspective of other people...only see other people, who are actually your literal brothers and sisters, how our Heavenly Father sees them. Only see them for their potential and where they come from. I promise blessings through this perspective and you will experience endless happiness through doing this.
    4) Live in Thanksgiving DAILY. First off...HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I thought this message might help the turkey settle and the pumpkin pie taste a little better! ;) But on a more serious we really need to stuff our faces once a year just to be thankful? Why not do it everyday? Probs because we would all weigh 457 pounds and the turkey population would be extinct! Hah! Okay...real life seriousness...let us all strive to live in the spirit of thanks every single day. There is so much to thank our Heavenly Father for. "for the many mercies and blessings which he doth bestow upon you." Really that is an understatement. The MANY?? Try EVERY SINGLE thing in your life that has caused even a drop of joy or caused you to feel an ounce of happiness is from our Heavenly Father. Gratitude is such a crucial part of this life. Let us take a moment...EVERY reflect on all that we have and thank our Heavenly Father through heartfelt prayer.
     I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to serve a mission. I am forever changed...I am still the same bonehead who drove a Hippie Bus and listened to waaaaay too much One Direction...but my heart has been forever softened. The past 3 months have opened my eyes to how beautiful this Gospel is. How much our Heavenly Father really loves us, though it is incomprehensible. How important families really are...and so much more. I am so grateful to be here in the service of The Lord.
     I am eternally grateful for my amazing family. The truth is that without The Lord I am weak. I am broken. I am hopeless. But without my family I am even more weak. I am shattered. I am nothing. They mean everything to me. Don´t wait until Thanksgiving to express your love for your family!
    Finally, I am grateful for my Savior. I am grateful for my Father in Heaven. No matter what I say it will be an understatement but I am grateful for the life that they have given me and for the beautiful and perfect plan that was provided for all mankind to partake of. I am grateful that the only TRUE gospel was restored to the earth again.
I am grateful for all of you. Thank you for all of your prayers.
Eat Lot's! 
     But more than anything...after you feast on the food...feast on the word of God. It is more filling than anything in this world. And try it out as a family! You will be amazed by the blessings that come!
Love you all!
Until next week,
Elder Noll

Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014

   What´s good America?! Hopefully everything is awesome! I feel like I hear NOTHING about your lives! Maybe I am talking too much...? Haha! I expect answers from multiple people to the following questions...
1)How is the ville (or your current residing place)?
2)How is your family?
3)What´s new?
4)Something funny that happened to you this week?
5)How is Harry Styles
6)One tender mercy from our Savior that you experienced recently
I guess I can answer the same questions! :)
1)Ventanas/Ecuador is usual! "Independence Day" of Ventanas was LOCO! Absolutely nuts. On Monday night we had family night with one of the members which was so much fun! We shared a spiritual message, ate rice, and watched the fireworks from their balcony. It was nothing like the Stadium of Fire...that´s for sure...but one of the fireworks misfired and started a nearby field on fire! haha! So I guess that gave me the Stadium of Fire thrill! ;) 
  So in general my residing place is awesome! Too awesome actually! I wake up to the smell of fresh empanadas and chocolate every morning (there is a restaurant right below us), the weather is beautiful (how is the white stuff over there utah?!), the bananas taste good, people are getting psyched for Navidad...THINGS ARE JUST AWESOME!
2)My fam bam here in Ventanas is doing great too! Elder G and I have been blessed with many miracles and tender mercies from our Savior. Our house is doing super BIEN too! kinda...haha! 
  Elder P had to get his ingrown toenails removed the other day so he has been bedridden for a little while. I had to go with him to get them taken out in Guayaquil...watching them take them out was neat...but if I could have one goal from here on out it would be NOT to get ingrown toenails! They pretty much just took a Machete and hacked at his toes for an hour and sent him off. Absolutely NO REMORSE. Haha! 
  On the bus ride back to Ventanas there was an interesting dude. There are tons of men who dress up as women and get money for it...Yeah I don´t understand it either...but one of these dudes was on our bus...well I think he was a guy! He/She put on a little act for everyone to see in the very front of the bus and when he/she finished, he/she started asking everyone on the bus for money...I immediately pulled change out of my pocket and gave it to him/her because I didn't want this strange him/her to talk to plan worked! He/she took my money and strut him/herself away. Wow...too many experiences on the buses here...Locoisimo! 
   I guess you could call him my grandpa in the mission - Presidente Riggins, was here in Ventanas yesterday. He spoke in our ward. He is the biggest stud! And his messages are always so powerful! Or maybe it just felt more powerful than usual because he spoke after me! On Saturday the bishop called and told me that I had to speak...c'mon homie! I didn't even have a day to prepare! I hurried and threw something together and hoped for the best! So we show up to church...President Riggins is there with his wife and assistants, we have the second biggest congregation of the year, and I am speaking! It went okay though! :) Thank Goodness!
  The work here is incredible! So our "investigating families" are doing well too! We are finding families to teach which is the BEST FEELING EVER! Seeing families change because of this gospel is one of the greatest blessings in my entire life. Our ward family is unreal. It reminds me of home so much! Our ward is filled with some of the most Christlike and loving people. I seriously love them all to death! The member below us makes me fresh fruit smoothies every morning...ONLY ME...Haha! The other Elders are pretty jealous but I don't mind at all!
3)Hmmm...what´s new? I am teaching an English class once a week! It is so much fun! But I sure hope that my Spanish is better than their English! ;) Haha! Just kidding! The language really has been coming along slowly but surely. I am starting to feel pretty comfortable with it! And I know that it is 100% credited to the Lord. I still have a lot of work to do...but I know that through the Spirit all things are possible! :) 
   I played football today! American Football! haha! 
  Other than that nothing is really new...I am still learning, living, and LOVING. 
4)Something funny...I guess I have something embarrassing! We were talking with some investigators about the differences between The US and Ecuador and one of them brought up how they wanted to go to the Baños (Bathrooms) in the US but they they are too expensive...? I was confused too! I said, "Hermana, you don´t have to pay to use the bathroom in the United States...?" They all started BUSTING UP! Come to find out...Her "Baños" was just a really really super thick accented "Vegas". Yeah...that won "GRINGO OF THE YEAR AWARD" for sure! 
Almost forgot! This was kinda funny...well it is funny now but was NOT funny then. I had to use the bathroom really really bad! Drinking 6 liters of water a day causes for quite a few pit stops! Anyways...bathrooms are very different here...I can´t even begin to explain so I won´t...but just take my word for it! So I entered this cave/dungeon/depth of despair, searching for the bucket to...ya know? yeah...and half way through my labors I hear a deep grown...and out of the darkness comes a MONSTER DOG...and it lost it´s mind! I would have wet my pants but I already was...then it leapt at me and knocked me over! It was just bad...something that can only be explained in person...maybe try not to visualize it! Haha! But I will never go to that Baño again!
5)I am not sure how Harry is doing? I hear their new album comes out today though! Everyone Enjoy! 
6)Way too many tender mercies to talk about! Waking up everyday and putting Christ´s name over my heart is one of the biggest miracles I have ever experienced in my entire life. The Lord continues to provide me with His strength and Heavenly help. One of my favorite mercies from our Savior this week has to be with one of our investigators though! Her two daughters just got baptized and she is preparing for her very own baptism as well...she just has some pretty big difficulties ahead of her that she needs to overcome first...anyways...I had the opportunity to share my testimony with her and she ended up getting pretty emotional. The first time I have EVER seen her show emotion actually! I asked her if she was okay and she said that she was fine. It was just that her "heart felt really good. Like it is overfilled with love. Like her body is pure. Like I am just very grateful". What a tender mercy from our Savior it was to see the Spirit work with this woman. What a miracle to witness someone feeling the same spirit that you are...and slowly making it back on the path back to our Savior.
That was this week! 
Your turn!!! :)
Spiritual Message:
"But the ship was now in the midst of the sea, tossed with waves: for the wind was contrary." At this point in the 14th chapter of Matt. the Disciples are a little worried. The seas are raging and there is a man walking towards them on the water. However, Immediately after they discover that this man is Christ, Peter wants nothing more than to "Come unto Him on the water". Of course, The Savior invites Peter to come unto Him and Peter goes forth and walks on the water "to go to Jesus". What a great example of Faith! Take a moment to think of what Peter is thinking...what is going through his head.
Fear, doubt, and uncertainty I would imagine! But despite this fear. Putting this doubt aside. And letting the uncertainty fade...I, Peter, am going to put this fear aside and call to my Master and go to him. I am going to take a leap of faith and go into the midst of the sea. I am going to go to my Savior despite the wind that is contrary and the waves that are tossing the seas. I am going to have faith. And off he goes...walking on the water. What is so cool about Peter´s faith is that we had the same exact faith when we left our ship (Pre-Mortal Life) into the midst of the sea; tossed with waves (the earth) to go unto our Savior and become more like Him. And because we have this faith...we too can walk on water! We can survive the midst of darkness and the storm tossed seas. We can stay afloat. With faith we can make it to our Savior. With faith we can do all things.
"But when he (Peter) saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and began to sink...". Brothers and Sisters, just as our faith and ability to walk on the water is the same as Peter´ is our ability to doubt and sink. So is our ability to fear and drown.
When we walk by faith there is absolutely nothing that can stop us. But in the very second of doubt we are going to drown. Down in the depths of the sea. It is for that very reason that we need to hearken to the words of President Uchdorft, "Doubt your DOUBTS before the doubt your Faith". You don´t need a perfect knowledge of all things! But you do need a perfect BELIEF....a perfect HOPE. With this perfect Belief, Faith, and Hope...we can walk on water...we can stay afloat...we can make it to our Savior. 
But hold up! The story is not over! :)
Peter cry´s unto The Lord and "IMMEDIATELY Jesus stretched out His hand to him, and caught him, and said...wherefore didst thou doubt?"
As important as it is to stay afloat and stay true to the faith that you have..sometimes we fall. If you are under the water...if you have doubts...if you are afraid and swallowed up in the storm tossed sea of this upon the Lord and he will immediately reach out His hand to you and raise you up. I promise that His hand is ALWAYS stretched out to save you. Stay true to the faith that you have...or that you once HAD! Cast all doubts and fears aside! Reach up!
Faith is PROGRESS. We build faith through having faith. Through acting in and with faith. It doesn't matter where you are at in this moment or where you have been in other moments...The Lord, Jesus Christ, can and will raise you up. Look to His light and follow. "Look unto me in ever thought; doubt not fear not". After all that The Lord has done for us...Really is there any reason at all to doubt?
Keep trudging through the stormy seas, Brother and Sisters! One step at a time with one purpose in mind...make it to the Savior.
Keep swimming to the surface to grab hold of Christ´s ALWAYS extended hand!
You can do hard things.
Stay afloat! Keep keepin' on. Keep having faith!
Love you all!
Elder Noll
Jess and Jake doing what they love to do!

Jessi said that the guy who cut his hair gave him a complimentary facial - because he has such nice skin! HAHA

Monday, November 10, 2014

November 10, 2014

    I am so sorry for always being so repetitive...but once again...this week was AMAZING! How is everyone? I sure hope you are all doing great!
   Well there is another Gringo in the house! Hallelujah! His name is Elder P...he is from Logan, played football for Skyline, has been in the mission for 15 months, and is a STUD! And we are basically the same person...I guess minus the stud part! Haha! ;)
We went on an exchange his first day here in Ventanas and it was awesome! I learned SO much from him. He is an awesome Elder.

   I am starting to get used to the purple goop is not too bad actually! And I didn´t eat Chicken Noddle "Intenstine" soup, so that was a plus!
   This week was FILLED with so many miracles! I don't even know where to begin!
One of the families we are teaching committed to be married next week! So they will be baptized the following week! How cool?! In our last lesson with them we asked the mom to pray and she said that she couldn't because she is pregnant and didn't want to wake the that even a thing? Haha! I guess you learn something new every day! But they are an incredible family none the less! Even despite her "Condition" ;)
   We got a hammock in our house. It was so neat...while it lasted. Elder G was chilling on it and I attempted to do an "underdog" thingy like you do on swings and at the tip of the parabala of the Hammock the rope snapped in half and Elder G FLEW across the room! It was hysterical! The only thing that came out of my mouth was ´´NOOOOO!!! Mi Hamaica!´´ Haha! Karma will get you eventually! ;)
   Friday and Saturday were a bit crazy...we were all over the place!
   Oh Yeah! Just a random fact and something that was cool! It is not everyday you see your best friend since Kindergarten in another country!!!!!!!!!!! What are the chances?!?! Elder Johnson is looking great. You ladies are like "LOL. What's new?" Haha! But he is an incredible missionary! And is already a trainer! Such a stud! And it was so good to see him!
   We were tracting on Saturday and Elder G ran into a family that he baptized in his first sector! They were visiting their family here in Ventanas! So that was a good conversation starter! Now we have a progressing family preparing for baptism! The Lord works in mysterious ways! It was definitely a tender mercy from our Savior.
   It is the 67th something of Ventanas so it has been absolutely NUTS for the past week. Carnivals, parades, concerts, and beer. That pretty much sums it up! Haha! There is one dude who is passed out every single night right in front of our door with a bottle of booze in his hand. So, stepping over a drunk guy is kind of the norm right now! The streets are flooded with so many people though. On Saturday night especially! We were all up on the balcony of our house at night and we started wringing our wet clothes on people. That led to dumping little cups of water on the people walking by...which eventually led to me retrieving the Gallon sized pitcher of water and SOAKING people! It was awesome! We were even getting the people driving past on their motorcycles! I decided to do just one more...when I was just about to poor it I looked over the ledge and there were probably 20 motorcyclists and 10-15 people with FIREWORKS! They all lit them and threw them at me! Explosions left and right on the roof of our house! I was literally in the front lines of battle! But I managed to make it to safety! We called it a night after that! Haha!
   I saw a giant. Literally a giant! She had to have been 12 feet tall...and the uni-brow and deep voice didn't make her any less scary! So that was interesting!
   One of our Investigators is named Delyla. She didn't like it too much when I told her she shared a name with my dog! I probably should have left that out! So she went on to name her newborn puppy, "Noll". Haha!

   Entonces...ALL IS WELL HERE IN ECUADOR! I am loving every second! But boy is it hard! But hey...we can do hard is what we were made to do!

   So my spiritual message has a little bit of a background story...that 12 foot giant who I mentioned earlier...she was my doctor...and Thursday and Friday were so crazy because they were spent in the hospital.
   I guess you could say I have been leaving some minor details about my experiences here in Ecuador out of my emails. For those of you who have seen my pictures I am sure it is apparent that I have lost quite a bit of weight. It doesn't matter how much...but it was enough to land me in the hospital on Thursday and Friday. You could say I have been pretty sick. On Thursday we had to take a trip to Quevedo where they ran a variety of different tests and found out that I am having some problems with my heart. From there, another appointment was made in Guayaquil with a more advanced clinic where they were able to come up with a diagnosis and find a way to make me and my heart all better :)
1) I am okay. No worries.
2) I only tell you this because I think it relates very well to a very important Gospel Principle.
   And Jesus went about ALL Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing ALL manner of sickness and ALL manner of disease among the people."
   Aren't we all sick? In some way, shape, or form? If you think your not "sick" then the fact that you think you are not sick, perhaps, is your disease!
Brothers and Sisters, we are all sick. Every single one of us. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the Hospital. Jesus Christ is our doctor.

   We don't have the capacity to know what our spirits need. For the same reason that I didn't have the capacity to know what my heart needed. Jesus Christ KNOWS! He can heal you! But we have to accept Him as our doctor and His gospel as our hospital.

   We learn all throughout the scriptures that Jesus Christ is the "same yesterday, today, and forever." If The Lord healed the sick and afflicted during His earthly ministry He will continue to do so! Now and for forever! For those of you who are active members in the Church...KEEP RECEIVING YOUR  TREATMENT! KEEP FOLLOWING THE DOCTORS ORDERS! No matter how strict the demands. No matter how hard it is. Salvation was never easy for our suffering don't expect it to be easy for you. Rather, accept the Lord's treatment and stay healthy! For those of you who are not is my deepest desire and crying prayer that you make it to the hospital. Your heart is starving whether you know it or not. And Christ has the ability to heal your problematic heart. He can treat you, but you have to be willing and accepting of His treatment. He has the ability to heal ALL! Spiritual and Physical...and He wants nothing more than to mend your heart. His gospel has the ability to bless you and your family more than anything in the entire world. The entire universe. You and those you love the most will receive blessings beyond your capacity to imagine only in and through The Hospital of Jesus Christ and by accepting Him as your Doctor and Healer. He will never leave and has never left you alone...don't ever feel like there is not an entrance back into His presence. There is always a way. His office hours NEVER close. For those who are not members of this church...thank you SO much for taking the time to read this first of all. Secondly, and more importantly...The Lord has a treatment for you too! I have seen his treatment in the lives of so many! Especially here in Ecuador and it is the one of the most beautiful things to witness. Your heart needs the spiritual nurturing that ONLY this gospel and the Lord, Jesus Christ, can provide.

   There is no way I would still be where I am at this exact moment if I did not KNOW that this Gospel is true. There is no way I would be here without the Lord's treatment.
Give him your heart Brothers and Sisters...give Him your soul. When we do that, all He is going to do is give it right back...but when He does it will be healed. It will be whole. It will be strong. Strong enough to do whatever you were made to do. Strong enough to help you accomplish the things you were foreordained to do in this life.

   I love this Gospel with all of my heart, Brothers and Sisters. All of my weak and problematic heart! Haha! and I have faith and testify that The Lord can make a weak heart strong. Physically and Spiritually.
   He is the Christ. He is our Savior. He is our Shepard. He is our LOVING BROTHER who wants nothing more than to strengthen you.

Love you all so much!
Elder Noll