Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NUMBER ONE!!! Happy Birthday Macy Moo! Love you so much and am wishing you such a Happy Birthday from thousands of miles away. Be careful on the roads! I won´t mention dating because I know you are going to wait for me so I can take you on your first date so I am not too worried about that. 
GENTLEMEN ATTENTION: Just because I lost weight doesn´t mean that I lost my tenacity. I´ve got that will kick your butts at anytime, anywhere, or in any place. Watch yourselves. I have eyes ALL around town. 

Hello friends and family! How was Christmas?! I hope that everyone had so much fun! Hopefully everyone is staying safe and hopefully everyone is getting ready for a new year that will be filled with miracles and progression! This Christmas spirit is unbeatable! That`s for sure! We have been blessed with so many miracles and tender mercies this past week I don`t even know which ones to share. We don`t have tons of time today so I will try to keep to the good stuff!
Just the basic rundown of the week...
On Tuesday we had to be in Guayaquil at 8ish...which meant that we had to leave La Troncal at about 5:45ish...which means that we got up at 5...but what sucked was that the power went out at we actually got up at 2ish and could not go back to sleep. I woke up first...and sweating profusely I tried to see what was wrong so I was messing with my fan but after nothing happened I discovered that it was because of the power outage...about 1 minute I heard Elder Ashman starting to roll around...then I heard him start to mess with his fan...laughing, I said...``Good luck, man...already tried it.`` We both laid there laughing hysterically while we sweat like never before...haha. So let`s just say that Tuesday was an exhausting day...but incredible to say the least. The training went well and after that we met up with our zone and went over to a children's cancer hospital. That alone made my Christmas the best one yet. As a companionship we all chose a little cancer patient to go talk to, give gifts to, and show our love towards. Elder Ashman and I went strait for the little 8 year old Irina. She was adorable! Elder Ashman and I had the best time just talking to her...we sang together...drew pictures together...and watched her open gifts. It changed me. I think one particular part hit me the most though. When she drew her pictures every time she got to the part to draw her hair she paused...looked at her mom...looked at us...looked at the paper...and giggled...with tears in her perfect eyes and sadness in her heart she put it aside and managed to let out a smile. She drew every picture like that. Every. Single. One. As a little 8 year old girl that is pretty brave. That is pretty brave! That is pretty Christlike. I was taken back in awe and deep thought...what is it that matters most? Our outward appearance? Our hair? No...none of it. Our hearts. As long as you can draw you with a smile and a giggle you are perfect. As long as you can fight of the tears...fight of the sadness...or the negativity...and draw you as you are perfect. Just like the little angel Irina that Elder Ashman and I grew to love ever so deeply.
From there we got to go to the temple! That says enough, right? I learned things that I had never thought of before. There I was alone in a certain part of a certain room and I wept. I don´t even know why!!! I whispered to myself...´´this is so true´´...but when I left the temple I soon realized that sometimes the spirit whispers truths through our it was him saying...´´Elder Noll...this is so true. This is so right.´´ What a marvelous blessing. GO TO THE TEMPLE!!!
The next day we had the gathering as a mission. Dinner with the Springvilleites! Elder Johnson, Ashman, and I all got to kick it together for the night! It was so cool to be with the two guys! What a great program it was. President Riggins spoke to us on how to come to know God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Hermana Riggins spoke on the Lord´s Atonement and the Sacrament. Two great topics to go along with the celebration of the Lord´s birth.
The way home was quite the journey...we bought the tickets and when we made it to the bus stop the guy that checks the tickets took Elder Ashman´s ticket and crinkled it up and threw it on the ground with the millions of other crinkled up tickets...we still have not found out why! Haha! But we were not going to be able to snatch the bus if we could not find his ticket...we searched for like 2 seconds and one of the first ones we grabbed...out of the thousands on the ground...was his. That says explanation needed. God is a God of miracles.
Christmas Eve was the greatest thing of my life. We were so happy. Kicking it through the streets, wearing santa hats, handing out toys to all of the little kids and then singing Christmas songs to the parents that testify of the birth and life of Jesus Christ. We found SO MANY new people to go teach because of that ONE day. Because of the day before the celebrated birthday of our Older Brother. We are so excited to help the people we found progress and find more happiness in their lives.
Christmas with the Jaramillo´s! We made our way down to Duran and called the fam bams at the Jaramillo´s house and ate lunch with them. So grateful for that amazing family. They have changed my life. It was so good to see my family...the best family in all of the others are okay I guess ;) Keep trying to catch up to mine though! You might be able to take second! ;) Haha! When we made it back to La Troncal it was another great chance to find more people. We made a couple more visits and got on our singing grind again! So that was Christmas!
So those were some great experiences and moments from the week. With so many that I am holding back because you have to have a ´´STAY TUNED´´ for next week! Right?! This week will be another great chance to find new families and new prepared children of our Heavenly Father! We are super pumped! 
I hope all have a fantastic new year! Make good goals! Make hard goals! Goals that are going to make you fight...struggle...nothing good comes with ease! 

My older brother said something so interesting to me; ´´The most important word in the English dictionary is go...ARISE.´´ So I asked myself the is it we arise? If it is the most important word how is it that I can fulfill its importance. What do I need to do to arise? Then I had a flash back at something that my dad taught me a little while back. The word ´´humility´´ comes from the latin step ´´humus´´, which is an organic plant that grows in the soil. To be humble means to descend below the soil. To descend to the greatest depths possible. To lower yourself below the dirt. So my brother tells me to to arise...and my dad tells me to descend...they kinda contradict don´t they?? What does Al have to say? Maybe you, being the Nephi of the family, can hook me up with some words of wisdom! ;) Haha! What I came to figure out is that my brothers invitation to ´´arise´´ is what I need to what we all need to do...and that my dad gave me the ´´how´´. To arise we must first descend. To arise and be lifted we must develop humility...we must lower ourselves to the dirt.
I love the question that the Prophet Alma makes us in Alma chapter 5. ´´Could ye say, if ye were called to die at this time, within yourselves, that you have been sufficiently humble?´´ Have you lowered yourselves to the depths? Are you as a child is, willing and submitting to counsel and change? Do you make sacrifices for the benefits of others? Do you walk ´´puffed up´´? Do you accept praise or TAKE praise and give it to God where it is due? ´´...have ye spiritually been born of God?´´ Have you spiritually become a child? An infant? A newborn? ´´...have ye received His image in your countenances? When you are seen of the world what is seen? When the world sees you is a member of the only true church in the universe seen? When the world sees you do they see humility? Charity? Light? When you look at yourself in the mirror each day do you see glimpses and attributes of your Savior, Jesus Christ? Are you reminded of Him throughout the day because of the things you do, how you act, and what you say? ´´...have you experienced this mighty change of heart?´´ Have you experienced a mighty change by admitting that you are not so mighty? 
In Luke chapter 14 the Savior teaches us this principle in a way that I absolutely love. In the way that my brother and father have taught me. ´´But when though art bidden, go and sit down in the lowest room...´´ WE ARE BIDDEN NOW! To go to the LOWEST ROOM. Like my dad the the greatest ´´...that when he that bade thee cometh, he may say unto thee, Friend, go UP HIGHER; then shall thou have worship in the presence of them that sit at meat with thee.´´ We are invited to go to the lowest room so that we can eventually ´´go up higher´´. Interesting how it works. The lower we descend...the higher the invite will be...and the more glorious shall the ´´worship in the presence of them that sit at meat´´ with us will be.
´´For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted.´´ Exaltation is the goal. It is the ´´WHY´´ to this earthy life. We are here to obtain it. To inherit it. When my brother invited me to ´´rise´´ he invited me to be exalted. There is no other higher rise than that of exaltation that can only come through what my father taught me by growing in the the greatness depths through humility. It is a work in progress each and every let´s get at it! I invite all, including myself, to ´´sit down in the lowest room´´ become an organic plant that grows beneath the humble ourselves to the that we can be exalted. So that we can rise. 
Arise by descending. Descend to arise!
Elder Noll


Monday, December 21, 2015

December 21, 2015

To be 100% I have no idea where to start...
I think this week has been one of the most amazing, spiritual, miracle filled, and absolute life changing weeks of my entire life. Maybe that is just what goes down when your beautiful mother completes another year ;) Happy Happy Birthday to my beautiful mother. The woman who keeps me going when the going gets rough. The woman who I look up to like none other. I love you mom and hope that it was an incredible birthday!! :)

Again... I am just not sure where to start. Hmmm... on Monday we ended up downloading the “A Savior Is Born” video and noticed that the cyber we were in had a TV... and it was a pretty good one. I made eye contact with Elder Ashman (it must just be Utah Valley Code Talk) and we were thinking the same thing. We went up to the owner of the cyber and said, “Hey, so we are not sure if this video will play on our Pen Drive... would we be able to ‘test’ it?” Haha... we got him! So we put the video on and then BLASTED the volume and it seemed like it got just about everyone’s attention. Especially a woman who asked if we could visit her. We were stoked! She told us... “there is a reason that I just so happened to be here and you two just so happened to play that video. God is trying to tell me something.” So we got down her name and number and visited her the next day! In her words... “the Mormon’s are right! What time is church on Sunday??” Haha! Such an amazing experience!

We have also been spending quite a bit of time singing. Just the two of us. Haha. I probably should have dedicated myself to a bit more of singing before the mission. At times it did not go too well... but the spirit made up for that!:) One particular time was kinda funny... we passed by a house and Elder Ashman and I both stopped on a dime... it was an impression like I have almost never felt before... we at first thanked the Lord for giving us the same impression at the SAME EXACT TIME and then went over to knock the door. A very old... very grumpy... and very denying man answered the door. He did not even say good afternoon... haha. The only thing that left his mouth was that he only believes in the Bible. We rejoiced and said, “US TOO!!” We asked him if we might be able to sing a song for him. But he denied. We asked him again. But denied again. We implored... but he said no again and began to shut the door... we acted pretty fast though... and BELTED out in song: “VENID ADOREMOS!!” (O’Come All Ye Faithful) That really caught him off guard with each word we sang he opened the door a little more until we finally finished the song and then he let us in the house. He began to weep. He is a widowed man who lost his wife years ago and misses her more than anything. He said he is tired of being alone. He just wants to see her. We shared a short message on the Plan of Salvation and invited him to read the Book of Mormon and come to church with us. He told us that he would never do such a thing but thanked us for the visit. And that was all. As we left I was shattered. What could we have done to help this man? What did I say wrong? If we both had such a strong impression why was it that we failed? Elder Ashman, looking happy as ever, taught me a pretty valuable lesson. “You know what Jess--uhh... I mean... Elder Noll...even though he denied us I think we were sent there to prepare him for the spirit world. To prepare him for future missionaries in the life to come. We left the spirit in his home and now he will be able to recognize it quicker. Be baptized that much sooner.” How right he was. What a miracle it was to meet this man and help prepare him for the spirit world.

Then came another miracle... we had an appointment with another investigator at night time, but really felt we needed to go over there a little earlier. This man has stopped drinking and smoking... and is doing all he can to be worthy of baptism this coming January. When we got to the house I knew EXACTLY why the Lord sent us there early... this man was in desperate need of a blessing. We watched him tremble, sweat, and grieve for the pain he was feeling... the withdrawals. I wept. As he stuttered out the words... “I-I-I-I ddd-don´t-t... knnnnn--ow... know… if-f-f I c-c-ca-ann do itt-t. I wept. We testified of the Savior’s Atonement. That the Lord God trembled first. He sweat first. He grieved first. And that with His help and with His power he could overcome any and all difficulty. We decided to give him a blessing and it was amazing. After the anointing his trembling and shaking did not cease... he continued stuttering. Then came the blessing... we “commanded” him in the name of Jesus Christ to “be still.” We “ordered” him to “be at peace.” The blessing came to an end and we told him we would come back and visit him at night. We shook his trembling hand and left all in the Lord’s hand. The night rolled around and we headed on over to his house just like we promised. For quite a distance away we saw the silhouette of an old man... after he saw us the silhouette starting jumping up and down and waving his arms. We made it to his house. I extended my hand and I shook a still hand. I shook a firm hand. I shook a hand at peace. And so did Elder Ashman. We were amazed at how reverent we was... how content he looked. This man is 100% free of drugs and alcohol and his withdrawals have magnificently disappeared.

Thursday was one of the craziest days I have had in my entire life. We headed off to Naranjito which is about an hour away from La Troncal to work there until Friday. We were going to head to Guayaquil for a temple sealing of a family in Duran. So we packed everything up and got two days worth of clothes, toiletries, wallets, shoes, journals, suits, etc. in the suitcase and headed out the door, waved down the bus, threw the suitcase under the bus and headed to Naranjito. You have to take various buses to get there so we got on and off a few buses and then looked at each other with the worst feeling in our stomachs... THE SUITCASE! We had forgotten it on the first bus! We were devastated! The bus that it stayed on goes through La Troncal, Triunfo, Milagro, Kilo 26, Samborandón, Duran, Guayaquil, goes back through the cities that I just mentioned, goes up and through into the mountains of Ecuador in the direction to Quito and makes it back to La Troncal about 10 hours later. WE WERE TOAST. That suitcase was LOOONNNGGG GONEEE.

We frantically started making calls, but each worker told us that it was gone for good and hung up on us. Everyone told us we could not do anything. We did not know the bus number or what time we got on... we were calling every line of the bus route and nobody listened to us. “Can´t help you”... “that sucks!”... “what do you want me to do?”... not quite sure how many prayers went through our hearts... I begged Heavenly Father to help us find the suitcase... I did not want to finish the mission without a suit and with crooked teeth! Haha! I was actually really specific... “Please help us find this suitcase TODAY... with EVERYTING inside. We finally got ahold of a lady who told us we could TRY to pass the bus station and figure out what bus it was… and try to see if the suitcase was NOT taken by anyone. The only problem was that we were forever away and would not have made it back on time. We called the other Elders from La Troncal and told them to swing by the station and check out the situation. We had not a clue what bus number it was but we told them to just go check #30. And what a coincidence... #30 pulled over in front of them... so they opened up the storage under the bus... and there it was. The suitcase... after every city that it passed through... every person that had seen it and could have claimed it. Elder Ashman and I REJOICED! Haha!

By that point we had kinda bailed on the whole Naranjito thing for the day and we were on our way back to La Troncal hopping from bus to bus. Elder Ashman had tp pee… and we missed one of the buses! Haha! But we finally made it on the last bus and whipped open Mormon 9... and we came to the conclusion that it is true... “God has not ceased to be a God of miracles.” Not to mention that we ended up talking to the dude that sat by us on the bus and he was the biggest stud... he is super interested… wants to go to church... just a GOLDEN investigator.

So why did we leave that suitcase on the bus... I do not know... but it could have very well been to find a prepared soul. Boy did I learn a lot from that experience. Things that can’t be written!

We got to attend a temple sealing which, of course, was incredible! The Cruz family!!! Man did that touch my heart. I certainly did NOT cry... but my eyes were pretty dang sweaty if you are wondering. When the little 5 year old girl, Melanie, walked in that room all dressed in white smiling like never before I could not help but think of the experience I had with my amazing family years ago... though I do not remember... to be sealed to my parents and my older brother. Everything about God´s plan completes itself in the temple. It truly is amazing.

This week will be a little crazy with Christmas and traveling to Guayquil various times so I am sure we will have some great stories in a stay tuned!!

Have you found out why “a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son?” Why was a baby boy brought to this world in manger? Have you found out why there was no room in the inn? Have you found out why this child “grew, and waxed strong in spirit, filled with wisdom?” Why “the grace of God was upon Him?” Have you discovered for yourself what could possibly lead someone of such humble birth to such a humiliating death? Have you found out why a first born received His mission call to a Garden, Golgotha, and a tomb? What is it you have because ONE child was born in Bethlehem over 2000 years ago? Who would you be if this birth had not taken place? “What think ye of Christ?”

“Knowest thou the condescension of God?”

I ponder often about, where, and what our older Brother was before His mission. In the 17th chapter of John the Savior asks, “O Father, glorify me with thine own self with the glory which I had with thee before the world was.” What was the degree of glory that He had before the world was? “...whose bodies are celestial, whose glory is that of the sun, even the glory of God, the highest of all, whose glory the sun of the firmament is written of as being typical.” The glory that Jesus Christ had made, even the sun, that which gives light, heat, and life to the entire universe, “typical”... usual... NOTHING. Meditate what it is He left for you. He “came down” as Mosiah 15:1 explains to us. In Spanish “He descended” among the children of men. He descended below all... lower than any being in universal time... the being who had the glory of God... more brightness than the sun... more splendor than any living, non-living, or imaginable being or thing... therefore, fulfilling His condescension.

So when “the angel” makes the same question to you as he did to Nephi, “Knowest thou the condescension of God?”  you better be able to answer the same way he did. “I know that He loveth His children; nevertheless, I do not know the meaning of all things.” We do not know the meaning of all things. Why is it that you feel alone? I do not know. Why is it that you feel insecure? I do not know. Why is it that you feel heartache and pain? I do not know. Why is it that you feel forgotten, incapable, or overwhelmed? I do not know. Why is it that they had to die? I do not know. Why is it that God allows this glimpse in eternity in my existence as a glimpse of darkness and hopelessness?

I.DO.NOT.KNOW. I do not know the meaning of all things. But what I know means more!

What I do know is that a baby was born of a virgin! That is a miracle in and of itself! And what is even more of a miracle is what He became! What I DO know is that the Everlasting Redeemer, Creator, and Lover came to earth... descended below all... condescended below all. What I do know is that the Man of Holiness... of Counsel... Endless and Eternal was born! The Creator of all... of YOU!... has been born! What I do know is that the Prince of Peace, Savior of my soul, and older Brother was born! So do I know the condescension of God?? Perhaps NO! Do I know the answer to all things? NOO! But what I do know is that for you, for me, and for every intelligence, A SAVIOR HAS BEEN BORN!

To know you.
To feel you.
To understand you.
To succor you perfectly and powerfully.

I testify with every fiber of my soul and spirit that a Savior has been born. I testify that He lived in the flesh and because of that I too live in the flesh. I testify that He still lives and because of that I will forever live. As will you. You will be exalted because of the birth of a child. You will be glorified because of what happened in a manger bed.

Felíz Navidad!

Brothers and Sisters, may the birth of this child fill your heart and spirit with the love of God like never before. You may not know everything this holiday season. You may not come to understand all. But what you need to know... and what I know and testify of... is that a Savior has been born... and He LOVES us. And that is all that counts.

Share the love!
Be safe! Be happy!
Elder Noll

Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

Hey All! How's the cold?? I keep waiting for the snow but I have to remind myself that I won't be seeing any of that any time soon! Haha! It is actually starting to heat up here! 
I am still at it with Elder A! It is the bomb! Tuesday was quite the adventure I'd say...
Elder A headed over to a small town called Naranjito to help out two Elders who are working over there. I headed off with Elder B from Columbia and Elder A went off with Elder M from Peru. We ended up having a great day! We talked with tons of people and ended up finding some pretty prepared souls. There is no doubt that the Lord is with us when we is incredible how we run into the most prepared is almost as if God has us by a leash and is leading us and guiding us EXACTLY along His prepared path for us and others. So it was a great day of work! 
We spent a large majority this week in Triunfo doing various interviews and interchanges too which went awesome as well. 
One of the coolest lessons we had was with a family that had lost their father/husband a little while back. We taught them of baptisms for the dead and the look on their face and the joy and peace in that room was something that would lead me to live with this plaque for the rest of my life. What an incredible miracle. The lesson came to an end and we didn't invite them to be baptized for themselves...but we invited them to prepare to be baptized for and in behalf of their father/husband...they gladly accepted. Then, very shortly after, accepted to be baptized themselves to be qualified to enter the Lord's temple and do their father/husband's work. Amazing what ``the most glorious of all subjects``, as Doctrine and Covenants explains, can do to a family in need.
Elder A and I were suffering one particular day...just looking and not finding. Knocking and not being accepted. Calling and not being answered. A prayer was said in our hearts and we continued walking. We found ourselves in a rather deserted part of the sector and we heard from quite a ways away and honk...and the honk did not cease. Haha! Finally this super old dude pulled up right by us and yelled some words that we did not expect..."HEY! When are you going to come visit me?! I have been waiting for you guys for months. All I want is to follow God and for you two angels sent here by God to tell me how! So when's it gonna be?!" I cannot wait to play this moment back in the heavens on the big screen and see the reaction of Elder A and I. Our jaws dropped but there was a slight grin on the both of us...we slowly turned our heads and looked at each other...then we looked back at him...then back at each other...then read each others minds...then telepathically talked...**dude...did you just hear that? Someone wants us to visit him? What is happening? We should probably say something before he bounces because we have been silent for about a minute now talking telepathaically** ;) We replied..."TOMORROW AT SEVEN!" This is one cool dude let me tell you guys. He stopped smoking...yesterday he gave us the last bottle of liquor he had to dump out...and he went to church. What led us to that street...I don't know...what put us in that moment and that time...forever a mystery...but what I do know and what is NOT a mystery is that it came from God. And this man will be baptized on the second of January.
We have had some funny times this week...I guess that is expected when you are with Elder A! Haha! He almost abandoned me...well I guess I almost abandoned him. We were going to get into into a three-wheeler with a little carriage in the back and I got in soon as I got in Elder A had only managed to get an arm in and a hand grasped on a handle but the driver took off. They take the mufflers off of everything so our screams and shouts could not be heard telling him to stop so that Elder A could jump in the moving vehicle! Haha! I was laughing too hard too seeing the look of fear in Elder A's eye that 1) He was going to eat it...and 2) We were going to break the mission manual code by not "being together always" because I would have been long gone had he not jumped in. Not sure how he did it...maybe it is the Tapout DVD's in the morning...? Haha!
We had another chance to give an amazing Priesthood blessing, this time to a deaf woman. She is not completely deaf but we have to write a lot of what we want to say. We explained to her what blessing for the sick was and she immediately got super nervous. So scared. She was trembling and crying and we were not sure as to why. But we followed through with the anointing. The anointing was done and then we both put our hands on her head to seal the anointing and bless her. Before we said anything she was shaking profusely...the fear and doubt was not only present spiritually but physically. As we sealed the anointing it was a physical change that was felt first. The whole world stood still it seemed...the cars stopped passing by out the door...the music seemed to turn itself the words were spoken, her shaking and trembling body slowly was calmed...Elder A and I (I asked him after if he felt the same) both felt as if all fear and doubt she had flowed from her body and into our hands. The power was palpable in our hands as we represented the Savior, Jesus Christ in healing this woman. Our hands began to almost pulse...and then the spirituality of it all came in...the biggest feeling of love and peace overcame us all...when the blessing came to an end the woman jumped out of her seat with the biggest smile on her face..."I AM GOING TO GIVE YOU GUYS SOME CHOCOLATE AND TOAST!" Haha! It was the neatest thing...and Elder A and I are convinced that she heard each and every word and promise made to her in that blessing. Boy do I love the Priesthood!
There are so many more incredible experiences but not enough time to say it all...
We bought like 50 bananas today and made chocolate covered that was neat. You know what we will be snacking on for the next little while! 
We bought a soda before heading over to Triunfo because we figured we would be parched on the way over...we poured our cups and waited and waited until the bus came to a stop...we were really nervous to take a sip because the buses are all over the place...finally we hit a light and I took a small sip and played it safe but Elder A kept going...before I could swallow and in the blink of an eye the bus took off and the rest of his soda was all down his shirt and pants and the rest of mine was in and out my nose from laughing so hard. That was a good time. 
I am pumped for the many miracles to come and the good laughs that are right in front of us...

The mission has been focusing on testifying of Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. There is no combination more powerful than those 3 subjects together and, when heard, the Holy Spirit is bound to testify of their truth. I have been meditating a lot on what it means to have the Book of Mormon. What is it that these words do for us? From who do these words come? What is the eternal outlook on this book? In the 33rd chapter of 2nd Nephi we are given a pretty clear explanation. "And I know that the Lord God will consecrate my prayer for the gain of my people...for it persuadeth them to do good; it maketh known unto them of their fathers; and it speaketh of Jesus, and persuadeth them to believe in Him, and to endure to the end, which is eternal life." I love what comes as a result of this book and what it is. As Nephi writes his words he begs the Lord that what he writes will be for the "gain of his people". It is for out gain and benefit. The Book of Mormon also "persuadeth us to do good". Every word, principle, precept, and doctrine found is to help us do good. It is to help us become perfected in Christ and live as He did. The Book of Mormon "makes known unto us of our fathers". It shows the miraculous and merciful hand of the Lord in leading our fathers to the promised land as well as life changing examples of individuals and groups of people that rejoice in the Lord, Jesus Christ. Examples and stories that have placed us where we are today and without them...we would be completely lost. It "speaketh of Jesus" and "persuadeth them to believe in Him". I testify that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ and that "a man would get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than any other book". This book will help us "endure to the end"...which is eternal life. A BOOK...Brothers and Sisters...can give you eternal life. What does that mean to you? If eternal life is a natural desire to all living beings how often are we reading the Book of Mormon that will lead us there? If eternal life as a family is God's goal and the end vision of a family how often do we read the Book of Mormon together as a family to prepare us for that so called eternity? 
At the end of the chapter there is a principle that is so fundamental and that I absolutely love! "Hearken unto these words and believe in Christ; and if ye believe not in these words believe in Christ. And if ye will believe in Christ ye shall believe in these words, for they are the words of Christ, and He hath given them to me..." If you believe in the Lord, Savior, and Redeemer, Jesus Christ you will believe in the Book of Mormon because it is of Him who this sacred and soul saving book testifies of. This book testifies of the everlasting power, love, and mercy of Jesus Christ. One of its last teachings from the Prophet, Moroni, is of God's grace and the Savior's infinite Atonement. If we deny this book we deny the Lord's power, love, and mercy. We deny God's grace. We deny the premortal existence of Jehovah. We deny the birth of Emmanuel, a Savior of us all, brought to us through a Virgin named Mary. We deny all that He did during His life and we deny the fact that He arose the third day after Atoning for the sins of the world. 
Nephi then explains and eternal principle..."And if they are not the words of Christ, judge ye-- for Christ will show unto you with power and great glory, that these are His words at the last day; and you and I shall stand face to face before this bar; and ye shall know that I have been commanded of Him to write these things...". The time will come when Christ will manifest himself unto us in great glory...with that manifestation will come His testimony of the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon and His witness of the revelation received by those who wrote it...then we will stand face to face with do you want to feel at that moment? Sadness, guilt, and regret for not believing or not reading it? Or do you want to pass by...maybe sneak in a high five and a knuckles...and say...
"Dude...Nephi...your SO tight!"
I know that the Book of Mormon is true. A man would be completely and totally unable to write or make up such miraculous, powerful, and truthful teachings. Every Book of Mormon Prophet and modern day testament in the bringing to pass the Book of Mormon would not have died for a lie. They would not have left their families, suffered, and been murdered for a cause that they did not KNOW with a surety to be true. 
Love you all!
Until next week!
Elder Noll

running around in 90 degrees with 80% humidity...but they got the lizard!!


Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

What a week! Who would have ever thought you would walk the streets of Ecuador with a friend?! Elder Ashman and I are loving life! There is only ONE thing that I don't know if I will be able to live with much longer with Elder cheeks honestly hurt SO bad from constantly laughing and smiling! Haha! ;) Just messing. I honestly could not be more content! I nearly fainted when President Riggins told me we would be together...and I am so grateful for the opportunity I have to be with an Elder who has been an example to me all throughout my childhood. Special shout out to the Ashman family...especially Tiffany and Tyler...for raising such a good kid. He is already touching hearts here in guys have done very well! I will keep him safe for you! No worries!
This week was another great one. I finally have a workout companion...which is a lot better than trying to make up ways to stay in shape by yourself. We are on a program approved by the mission called Tapout XT. Super fun! They are workout DVD's and we just about die of water loss and muscle failure as we do it, but we get a good laugh out it! 
Elder Ashman and I fed a deer! One of the members in our sector has a pet deer. It is so strange. It is so tame and you can feed it as you would a horse or some other type of tame animal. It actually gave me a you think I have to confess for that?? ;) 
I guess this week was just the week of the animals...we found ourselves in the path of a giant turkey too! So we cornered it off and were going to catch it but the owner came out and asked us what we wanted with her turkey. We turned it into a finding opportunity however and shared a message of Jesus Christ with her which was really neat.
On Tuesday night we headed out to Guayaquil for an early morning temple session on Wednesday and a Zone Conference on Wednesday afternoon. I LOVE TO SEE THE TEMPLE! It truly is the greatest. What a blessing it is to have been given a place holy enough for the Lord to reside in upon the face of the earth today that we can enter in and make sacred covenants. What a blessing it is to have the Lord's house upon the earth today.
After the conference, which was great, we had to head over to the office to grab a few boxes of Books of Mormon. Man are those boxes heavy. Elder Ashman and I were laughing our heads off as we could barely hold them in our arms because of Tapout XT. After catching a few buses, a few trips and falls, sweating some more, and leaving our arms with NO STRENGTH, we made it to the final bus to get back to La Troncal. 
One of the days this week we threw on the aprons! Our lunch appointment got cancelled so I cooked up some potatoes. I have failed you Mama Noll...I have failed you...Not that they were BAAADDD...but I put a little bit- a lot a bit- too much pepper in the mashed potatoes and we didn't enjoy them as we would some Mama Noll or Mama Ashman potatoes...but we did our best!
I can't get over the spirit that I have been able to feel this past week! We have had some pretty incredible teaching experiences...
Elder Ashman and I had the chance to give a sick little baby girl a blessing of health. It was incredible to see the Lord's mercy. When we got to the house this little girl was hysterical. BAWLING. We were not sure how we were going to give the blessing in circumstances like this. We decided that Elder Ashman would do the anointing and I would give the blessing. So Elder Ashman placed his hands on the small child's head and began to anoint her by the power and authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood...I could hardly hear his words because of the screaming child...and then came the words...``and I do so in the name of Jesus Christ...`` and the crying stopped. The screaming ceased. The tension halted. Everything in the world seemed to be put on hold apart from the overflowing spirit entering each of our hearts. We then both placed our hands on her little head and gave her the blessing and not a sound was heart except the words and promises that our Heavenly Father wanted said and that moment. What a testimony of God's power. What a testimony of the power of the Priesthood.
AHHHH! I am running out of time! We had so many great experiences!
We were hungry one day and we walked right under a mango tree...good thing Elder Ashman played baseball because he chucked some rocks and knocked down some mangoes to snack on. If it had not have been for him we would not have eaten...there is no way my arm would come near to one of those mangoes! Haha!
We had to fill up the baptismal font on Saturday and in order to fill it up you have to turn a valve that is in a sprinkler box in the ground...but it had a lock on we went and found a big old rock and smashed the sucker until the lock broke. We got the lock off and felt pretty awesome. We felt unstoppable and powerful. Then we realized that breaking the lock was unnecessary because the whole sprinkler box can come out of the ground without any problem...but I think we will just stick with the fact that we broke a lock with our bare hands to be able to have a baptism...sounds a bit don't tell anyone that we could have done so without breaking the lock ;)
So I guess we will get to the message...
Elder Ashman and I were blessed with the opportunity to baptize the biggest stud on Saturday. We had been working with a less-active family for quite some time so that they could be reactivated and so that their son could be baptized...and everything just kid of fell together on Saturday. It was the testimony of this kid that really had an impact on me and has caused me some deep thinking.
``I feel so clean. I feel so pure. When Elder Ashman baptized me I felt as if Jesus Christ Himself was baptizing me.`` WOW. I was caused to ask myself some self-reflecting questions:
What are we really as Priesthood holders? Who are we? What is it that our Heavenly Father has trusted us with as He gave us His power and ordained us to our Priesthood offices? Mosiah 5 explains to us the ``taking upon yourself of Christ`s name`` through baptism. But if we think in a sense of Priesthood we can answer these self reflecting questions. ``...for he shall know the name by which he is called; for he shall be called by the name of Christ.``
How sacred of a calling it is we have. We act in HIS name. We heal in HIS name. We baptize in HIS name after by commissioned of HIM. We do what HE DID as we use the Priesthood. My dad always taught me something so valuable that I LOVE... As a Deacon I had the same power that Christ had as He administered the sacrament. As administers of the sacrament we literally allow people to partake of the Lord`s Atonement. Your duty is more sacred than you think...I hope you can feel as if you are the Savior`s hands...offering eternal life to those whom you pass the sacrament to. 
The Teachers have the sacred responsibility to prepare the sacrament. What could that mean? What could it symbolize? I find it interesting how you have to fill up the trays with the water cups one by one...then you must fill up the cups one by one with water until every cup, in every row, of every column, of each and every tray is filled...just like our Savior payed the price of sins for each and every one of by one...until He had payed the price for all. Without the preparation of the sacrament by the Teachers the Lord`s Atonement does not exist. How does the Savior feel as you fill the cups with His blood? 
As you Priests part the bread you are the Lord`s hands. Doing exactly what He did. You offer and part something that offers every partaker to ``always have His spirit to be with them``. How are you breaking the Savior`s body? How are you kneeling? How do you look as you are representing so sacred an ordinance? 
The list of Priesthood ordinances could go on and on and on. But the fact of the matter is that we are the hands of the Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ. Each time you anoint the sick...KNOW that Christ is anointing them...and that only THROUGH you...and for a are Lord`s hands.
Each time you place your hands on a child`s head take a moment to pause...look at your hands...and visualize the Savior`s hands in place of yours...look at the prints on His hands...feel of the love that those hands have for the child and for you...and live in that moment as the Savior. You are His hands.
Oh Elders of Israel let us go forth as the Lord`s hands. Oh Priesthood holders of the Latter-Days let us represent the Almighty Redeemer of the world...BE HIS HANDS. WE ARE HIS HANDS!
Love you all!
I look forward to another week filled with miracles and life changing experiences!
Elder Noll

Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

To my incredible Grandfather,
I was hit really hard this week with quite a few lessons that you have taught me throughout my life. I have to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have done for me. All you are. I would not be the same person...and definitely not the same missionary...without all of the precepts that I have come to learn from things you have done and experiences I have had with you. I thought I would share a few!!
Do you remember when I was just a little rat? Probably running around in footsie pajamas and screaming "TWO BATTERIES!!!"? On one particular occasion the little runt of a dude I was, found himself under a dining room table in hopes to escape your grasp as we played. You were chasing me with a foam bat and scaring me half to death! I imagine that I was pretty darn upset as well! Haha! This past week I realized something though...Don't we sometimes feel hopeless and under a table? In danger and in fear? Don't we often feel like God is picking on us? You finally had your laughs and set the bat aside. You slowly and gently pulled out the chair and laid on your belly and told me I had no reason to be afraid...and that you would never hurt me. I finally had the courage to come out from under the table and all that was waiting was your loving hug and a heartfelt kiss on the forehead. At times we feel under the table with fear and doubt. At times we don't trust in God. But all that is waiting for us is God's loving and extended arms pulling us in for a hug. All it takes is to have a little faith and trust in Him who tells us to have no fear. Thank you for helping me realize what faith in God means and how to show it. How to be hugged. For showing me that God gives no danger or fear. We cannot feel "under the table" with Him. He only waits for us to come unto Him to lovingly welcome us into His arms and kiss our foreheads.
"WHERE'S MY PIE? GET IN THE TRUCK!" That line will never be forgotten! Within SECONDS after just finishing a full course meal you have always asked, "Where's my pie?". This principle has played a big role in my mission and I did not realize it until this past week. Grandpa, there have been times here where I have been shattered. Getting rejected is hard. But each and every time we are denied...we keep on looking. We shake it off and get on our horses. Where is the next soul? Where are the sick in spirit? Where are the afflicted? "WHERE IS MY PIE?!?!" No matter how destroyed my heart gets at many doors are slammed in my face...or how worn down my shoes KNOW I am going to be looking for my pie!
I think I will finish off with the most precious of all: This week you strengthened my testimony of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Things I have seen you do my entire life did not click until just recently but when they understanding of the Savior and His offerings sky rocketed. I grew up watching you give it all. The bill at the restaurant was always paid on your card. The groceries at the market have always been paid by your cash. Every gift you have ever offered has been amazing. "I would that ye should understand that God Himself shall come down among the children of men and shall redeem His people." In Spanish it says that "He shall descend"...The Lord descended from His thrown, His glory, and the presence of God to come to earth and do the will of the Father. Christ paid the price for our sins..."because He hath poured His soul out unto death; and was numbered with the transgressors, and he bore the sins of many, and made intercession for the transgressors". He paid the price of it all just as you always paid the check at the restaurant and the price of the groceries. You helped me understand the price that the Savior paid for sin. He paid it all. He paid for the sins that we would commit just as you paid for the food we ate and would eat. 
Now comes the beauty of it all. No matter what you had given us throughout the day you always called us up to the counter. We would hustle over and watch as you inserted your hands into your pockets and scurried around for a short moment until you pulled out every last cent you had and put it all on the counter. From there you would separate the money equally and give it to us. EVERY LAST CENT. 
"He is despised and rejected of men...acquainted with grief...surely He has borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows...but He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon Him...He was oppressed, and He was afflicted..." 
You have taught me on a deeper level of what it is the Lord offers us. The Lord pays our groceries and covers our bills. But after the miracles are manifested, the example set, the ordinances taught, and the price of sin, doubt, fear, and pain paid for...He took upon Himself a nail driven cross. he was lifted to die in the middle of two thieves after being whipped, smitten, spitted upon, and crowned with thorns. Jesus Christ gave it all. Every last drop of blood. Every last ounce of effort. He gave us all of His love. All of His heart and compassion. And then comes more...
And then comes the most miraculous of all...
And then He does what you have always done...
He emptied His pockets...
He arose.
As I think of all the years spent with you I think of the Lord's Atonement and all He gave us...and then I think of you emptying your pockets and I think of the Lord emptying His for my eternal salvation and exaltation. Giving me the chance to rise again. You have given us every last possible cent just as the Savior gave us and gives us every last bit of everything that He has.
I know you know this...but thanks to Christ's empty pockets He lives.
Thanks to our Savior and Redeemer's empty pockets there is a hug and a kiss waiting for us if we will just come out from under the table. 
Thanks to our older Brother's empty pockets He gives us the diligence, faith, and disposition to get in the truck and get the pie to save souls.
Thanks to His empty pockets I will see you again.
Thanks to His empty pockets there is more Finadene.
Thanks to His empty pockets I can feel of your love and your light.
Thanks to His empty pockets you will live again. Our family will live again. I will live again. And we will live in the presence of God, the Eternal Father and His Son, Jesus the Christ.
All thanks to His empty pockets...a principle taught by a "Big Dufus" of a guy! YOU! A Big Dufus who I will be seeing shortly. Odie-O-Tote to you until all is restored to its perfect form and we can say it together.
I love you.

What have Christ's empty pockets given you?
Love you all!
Elder Noll

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

November 16, 2015

Hey All! 
Well...  I am somewhat in shock...  I just read my family attended a Raiders vs. Vikings game...  I don`t know if I am more in shock for the fact that I have waited 19 years to see them play and I missed it or the fact that the Vikes actually won! Haha! ;) Just messing! I am glad you guys had a good time!
How is everyone?! Special shout out to the ‘Ville...  what a great run you guys had! Get fired up for next year! Congrats to all of the players, fans, coaches, parents, and SHS as a unit.
Last week was a bit nuts so I didn`t write...  we got permission from President Riggins to visit Panorama so we spent PDAY down in Duran last week. It was so great to see the families again! Love them so much! They are all the bomb! And are doing so great. La Troncal is going well. The Mexican Elder just got transferred so we are waiting to see who Elder Neciosup from Peru picks up. Maybe I will speak something other than Spanish or Portuguese! ;) 
The past two weeks have been LEGENDARY. Nothing less! We found a really awesome woman...  she is actually a member but has separated herself a bit from the church for quite some time now. We had a visit with her the other day and started it off with a question:  “ What is your biggest worry?” Not knowing the answer we whipped out the triple and flipped open to Doctrine and Covenants 6. The verse that stood out was 36, “ Look unto me in every thought; doubt not, fear not.” Not yet hearing her answer we were certain this verse was the one! Then came the response! “ I fear the future. I doubt my abilities. I doubt my potential. I am scared of what comes and scared of not having anyone to trust.” I was first struck with sadness for a daughter of God who feels like this and second struck with gratitude for the Holy Ghost`s leading spirit that led us to Doctrine and Covenants 6:36 which told her exactly what to do (look unto God in every thought) and exactly what to stop doing (doubting and fearing). How grateful for the spirit I am. How worthless we are in this work without it. This incredible woman left her job to come to church yesterday. How cool it is to see someone look unto God in every thought throw out all fear and doubt.
Another cool experience we had is really similar to the last. We went to visit a family in a branch that is having a hard time. Fights between the husband and wife, children, financial problems, etc. We have tried just about everything with them. We felt at a loss as to what we should teach and share. I said a silent prayer in my heart, and I am sure my companion said the same, with a desire to read their hearts and feel their souls to find what they needed. We flipped open to Matthew 4. We marked the first 2 verses that tell us that Christ was fasting...  so that’s where we went. We randomly taught a lesson on fasting and the blessings that come. When we finished the lesson the mother of the family said, “Thank you so much for sharing that. This is my biggest struggle as a member of the church. I have never been able to complete a fast. Will you help me?” So we planned a day to fast with the family and it went great! She completed it!!!
Which leads me to my next miracle!!!
Two weeks ago I felt such a heavy tugging on my heart. I could not figure out what it was! It was really starting to bother me. Finally I knelt before my Father in Heaven and asked. Without delay...  a picture of my hero popped into my mind. The coolest 11 year old to walk the planet. He has long, beautiful, blonde hair. Plays football like a champ. Wrestles like a warrior. Runs like none other. And woos the girls like no Noll has ever been able to! I felt like my little brother Al was in need of my help. I turned Mama Bear on. I felt like raging. Nothing hurts more than knowing that someone you love is suffering while you can`t do anything! But I didn`t know what was going on with my little Homie. So I decided to fast. Last week the first thing I read was this: 
“Poor Al is still not doing great. His fever is gone and most of the symptoms as well, but he has something called thrush - it is a yeast infection in the mouth - he has HUGE canker sores and yucky yellowish stuff. His bottom lip is about 3 times it's normal size!! I hope this passes quick.”
There is no doubt in my mind that my little brother was in need of a fast. And the spirit of the Lord spoke! Love you Al! I don`t feel so heavy now so I take that as you are doing a lot better! 
A couple more highlights of the past two weeks! 
We got to bless a newborn baby. What a miracle. What perfection in such a small body. What purity in such a tiny soul. 
An experience a little different... 
I really had to go to the bathroom so we passed by a members house real quick. Just a number 1 emergency so you all know. BUT...  when I entered the bathroom someone before me had left a little surprise...  okay...  a giant one. When I went to flush the toilet (by filling up cups of water and dumping them in the toilet until it flushes by itself because that is how they do it here because they don’t have the little knobs) it would not flush. I did not want them to think that I left the surprise though so I could not give in. I moved on to a small bucket to flush the sucker down...  still no luck. As I looked in the dark for something bigger (because there was no light), I came across a HUGE bucket/barrel thingy. I filled that animal cup by cup until it was all filled up...  then with every ounce of strength I had I power-cleaned the sucker and dumped it into the toilet...  VICTORY! The surprise left by someone else moved on...  it probably would have been better to just leave the surprise in the toilet and let them think what they wanted to think because I came out sweating bullets with wet shoes and driblets of water all over my tie...  but hey...  that`s life. 
Another experience for the books...  everyone and their brother sells bananas in the street here. So I went to buy a banana one day and I was feeling around and observing to see which one I wanted. The banana man went NUTS! “STOP SQUEEZING MY BANANAS!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????!!!?!?!!! IF YOU KEEP SQUISHING AND DAMAGING MY BANANAS I AM GOING TO STRANGLE YOU!” Then he started throwing all of the bananas at me. I felt so bad! I didn`t mean to harm your bananas mister. I apologized from the bottom of my heart and left him with a good tip ;) I passed the following day and he sold me one without any trouble so I think he has forgiven me. Gotta be careful with those banana men. Dangerous.
Hang in there brothers and sisters...  this weeks’ message is a little longer than usual...  but I hope it will touch someone...  somewhere.
I was taken back as I read 2 Nephi 5:27. “ And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness.”
- Where on earth did that come from, Nephi? TWENTYFIVE verses ago the anger of your brothers led them to “seek to destroy you.” How did your life go from nearly death to “living after the manner of happiness? How does a family, a friendship, or a people go from seeking to destroy lives to living after a manner of happiness? How can we obtain this happiness as a family?
So I went back from the beginning...  and I came across TWENTY-FOUR things that occurred among this people in order for them to come to the life that we all long for in verse 27.
I would like to share with you those twenty-four things and how we can apply them in our lives:
1: “I, Nephi, did cry much unto the Lord my God...”
- This is vital. A family that lives after the manner of happiness is a family that cries unto the Lord in united family prayer.
2: “I, Nephi, did take my family...”
- All things...  spiritual and/or physical...  should be done as a family.
3: “ ...  those who believed in the warnings…”
- TEENAGERS: (I can point you out because I am one of them too) Let us give heed to the warnings of our parents. Let us submit ourselves to their protecting guidelines, standards, and limits that will lead us to live in a manner of happiness.
4: “... believed in...  the revelations of God…”
- The Lord works through revelation. Our Heavenly Father is so loving and so caring that He has called a Prophet today to give us revelations. Listen to him. Go out of your way to read the General Conference talks and read the church magazines as a family. It is a required action if we desire to live after a manner of happiness.
5: “... they did hearken unto my (Nephi`s) words...”
- A happy family requires hearkening, listening, and understanding.
6, 7, 8: “... did take our tents...  and did journey into the wilderness...  and we did pitch our tents...
- “WE. WE. WE. OUR. OUR. OUR. This is the physical aspect. Spiritually speaking we must take are tents and journey forward. Progress. Improve. We much pitch our tents as we take steps forward... NEVER moving back. There cannot be returns to solved problems. Forget the past and journey forward. Pitch the progress. If you don`t pitch it... keep with the progress as a family... never settling.
9: “... take upon them to call themselves the people of Nephi...”
- This is more on a personal level. All that we do as individuals represents our families name. Represent your families name with honor so that you can obtain the manner of happiness that you strive for. Never do anything that would lower the level of excellence.
10, 11, 12: “… to keep the judgments, and the statutes, and the commandments of the Lord in all things...”
- The foundation of happiness is obedience. 
13, 14, 15: “… for we did sow seed, and we did reap again in abundance. And we did raise flocks, and herds, and animals of every kind.”
- To sow, reap, and raise are all things that show growth. They are all words that are results of edification. EDIFY. EDIFY. EDIFY. Edifying seeds of compliments will reap happiness in abundance. Raise flocks, herds, and compliments of every kind. 
16: “... brought the...  plates of brass...”
- A happy family studies the scriptures.
17: “...  and also the ball, or compass...”
- The happy family has a functioning Liahona. It functions through “faith and diligence” and ceases with “slothfulness.” Let us be spiritually diligent and faithful. Avoid spiritual slothfulness. My mom is going to kill me for this one... we must also avoid physical slothfulness. We must maintain a clean home and work TOGETHER to do so. The spirit cannot dwell in an out of order, messy home. Live after manner of cleanliness to live after a manner of happiness.
18: “... did take the sword of Laban and make many swords after its same manner...”
- Your sword is your testimony. Parents especially have the calling to help their children make their swords. Parents and older siblings have the obligation of helping children and younger siblings find their faith and obtain their sword.
19: “... teach my people to work in all manner of precious substances…”
- Family members must help one another to develop their talents and work with their “ special substances” that the Lord has blessed them with in order to live after of manner of happiness. The home should be a home of learning and teaching. I bet you Nephi did a whole of his teaching on Monday Nights...  (hint hint)
20: “... did build a temple...”
- A happy family will visit the temple regularly. A happy family will ENTER the temple as frequently as possible. Strive also to make your home “constructed after the manner of the temple.” Sanctify your homes. Make them holy.
21: “... did cause my people to be industrious...”
- Cause that your families learn and live principles and values of how to save, earn, and manage money. Cause that your families pay tithes and fast offerings and participate in monthly family fasts.
22: “... and to labor with their hands...”
- Happy families have to work hard. Look for chances to use your hands. SERVE! Work. Developing homemaking skills and lending service brings happiness. Make us children work. Make us sweat.
23: “... I was desirous that they should have no king...”
- Nephi did not seek attention nor fame. Humility and equality are crucial in creating a happy family.
24: “... did consecrate...”
- This happiness cannot be obtained in the home without the Priesthood. God`s ordinances are needed. Fathers… search for opportunities to use your Priesthood. Give blessings! Ordain your sons! Magnify your callings! 
Brothers and sisters, I know that these twenty-four things bring peace and joy. IT IS A LOT...  I know! But little by little, through our Savior and His everlasting Atonement, and though His sacrifice that enables us to progress, we can come to live after a manner of happiness as we desire.
I want to thank my amazing parents for the manner of happiness they strive for and for all they have taught me while obtaining this manner.
I love you all and share these things in the sacred name of our older Brother, Jesus Christ, the giver of happiness. Amen.
Elder Noll