Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015

Did it work?
How is everyone?! Hopefully SO, SO good! :)
Let's just jump right into it, yeah?
I started the week off by getting offered a fruit smoothie...people here in Ecuador are so giving and loving to us missionaries...not to mention it was a MANGO smoothie...pretty sweet, right? I took the first sip and nearly lost it...I have NO IDEA what they put in there or what was in the glass before they poured the smoothie in there...ah geesh...that was bad news bears. And the worst part is that the sweet worker lady sat with us at the table while we drank them so we were forced to finish. I think I will be able to throw down whatever, whenever, and however when I am back in the states! Haha! So I guess my testimony is not the only thing getting stronger out here! ;)
We went to one of my favorite families on Monday night and had a family night with them which is always a blast! They have the 3 cutest little girls! The youngest is always crawling all over her to death! And she is obsessed with coloring...but she had no I went home that night with blue ink all over both of my arms! Definitely a worth while sacrifice when it is for any one of these kids here. 
One of our investigators was really sad that he didn't have a white shirt and tie...good thing us missionaries have quite a few of those! ;) So we hooked him was so cool to see him walk in the chapel on Sunday with a huge smile on his face wearing a white shirt and tie...doing everything he could possibly do follow in the footsteps of our Savior. It was especially humbling to see him get baptized and receive the Holy Ghost...he was brought to was I. We gave him a little picture of Jesus Christ with His hands extended to the multitude when He visited the Americas...our convert took the photo ever so gently and held it to his heart and wept as he bore his amazing testimony. I can't explain the changes that are occurring in my life...I can't explain the light that this Gospel can bring to others lives...that this Gospel can bring to your life if you let it. It is just unreal.
Elder D is the biggest stud ever! It is so awesome to be working with him. He is one funny dude...he has some of the most LEGENDARY stories! He is super into boxing which is tight...I can't imagine all 4 feet of him punching another dude but I am just not going to mess with him. I still make him get up to go to the gym with me. Haha! His first day he nearly passed away...he is kind of accustomed to it by now though. 
Saturday was great! I thought it was going to be really really bad when our investigator didn't show up to his own baptism...I guess that is kind of crucial when it comes to know...having someone to baptize?? But he did end up showing up! :) 
It is still just Elder D and I living in the is kind of lonely with just the two of us...but all is good in the hood! We are still working hard with the family who lives below us. Hermana J has somewhere around 60 years and Hermano E probably has 65ish but Hermano E isn't a member. The missionaries have been teaching him for over 26 years! NUTS! We are working super hard with him though because we love their family so much. They are so incredible and loving. We love them so much that all we want for them is to be dressed in white and sealed together for time and all eternity. I think I love them so much because they remind me so much of my own grandparents. And I have full faith that the outcome of Hermana J and Hermano E will be the same as my grandparents. That outcome is the temple. That outcome is eternity. Happiness. I know it'll happen!
President is super strict with wanting the North Americans to teach the native companions English. It is kinda fun actually! I am helping Elder D with the mission objective and...a few other things...haha. As of now he can say ''Invite others to come unto Christ by helping them receive'', ''I am a DIRECTIONER'', and ''what's cooking good looking?'' haha! We decided to have a little fun while studying language.
So that was basically this past week in a nutshell!
This weeks message starts with some questions:
Why on earth was the prophet Lehi commanded to leave his home/possessions and take his family into the depths of the wilderness? Wouldn't that be kinda hard? 
Why was Nephi, who was EXACTLY obedient to The Lord's commandments, still held bound and afflicted by his brothers? 
Why was Abinadi put to death when he was dedicating his life to The Lord?
These are just 3 examples in the beginning stories of the Book of Mormon of bad things that happened to good people.
Joseph Smith dedicated his life to our Savior and to bring forth the Book of Mormon but was still tarred and feathered and lost child after child. 
Why would The Lord allow such things to happen to such good people? To people who were giving everything to Him?
Obviously as a young and inexperienced boy I don't have all of the answers...but the scriptures sure do! 
ACTS 14:22- As hard as it is to realize and comprehend...we pass through trial and tribulation to bring ourselves closer our Heavenly Father. We pass through these hard things because we can not enter the Kingdom of God without them. The Kingdom of God is for the best of the best and we can only become the best through overcoming the worst. 
1: Afflictions are your boarding pass to Eternal Glory.
Hosea 5:15- The Lord knows that if He takes everything and leaves us with ''nothing'' we will have no choice to progression save it be through seeking and trusting in Him. In a sense He tears us down so that He can heal us...and He only wants to heal us because His medicine outdoes all others and makes us stronger in every aspect of our lives through it. He can't, however, heal someone who is not in need of mending...a strong heart must be broken first. A firm testimony must be tested. A healthy body must endure difficulty. A King or Queen, which is essentially what we are and what we will become, starts at the bottom before they are raised to the thrown to reign in glory.
2: The Lord's healing power takes a wounded soul and makes it stronger.
Doctrine and Covenants 88:6- This is just another testimony that those who fall are lifted higher. When we fall or when we are is time for us to understand something. And that something that we are going to understand is going to help someone else. Our Savior suffered every possible pain for us...that He might know and understand us PERFECTLY. If we are truly striving to be like Him we will strive to overcome and learn from our afflictions for the well being of others. Christ asked why too. He had pain too. He asked our Heavenly Father if there was any other way. But there wasn't. And there is not another way for you either. Keep your head up. Endure it well. Endure with faith. Endure with a heart that is ready to rush the the rescue of someone else. Because when you overcome your struggle, your doubt, and your grief...because it will will be prepared to help someone when they are experiencing a similar situation and a similar struggle. 
3: You are preparing to help someone else. You are becoming more like your Savior.
Take comfort when you are passing through the whirlwinds and tribulations of life. Challenges and affliction are a sure sign that the Almighty God of the Universe has trust in YOU and that He knows that YOU are STRONG enough to ENDURE. 
I find myself touching on this subject almost every single week...the love that our Heavenly Father has for you...but it is something that I always feel deeply in my heart and something that I love to share. 
Romans 8:38-39- Brothers and Sisters, the love that God has for YOU outdoes all life and all death. The power of His love overpowers all things in the present and all things to come. Nothing that this life brings can separate you from this love. Your insecurities, fears, and your doubts don't stand a chance against the love that our God has for you individually. Your weakness, pains, and struggles literally can not survive the power of His love. His love is inseparable and everlasting. How is this kind of love even possible?
Only in and through our older brother, Jesus Christ, who descended below all things. I testify that this kind of love is possible through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the Universe. 
He truly did face all pain, struggle, and that He could know and succor you perfectly. 
And where He is now is your destiny and your foreordination. Get there! It is going to be tough...but we can do hard things...especially when God the Father and the creator of the universe are right by our side each and every step of the way. 
Keep moving forward. Keep becoming more and more like our Savior. 
Every tear, every doubt, every drop of blood, and every pain is preparing you for what God has in store for your soul. And what He has in store is a whole lot more than you or I can offer in this life. It is a whole lot more than anyone can offer.

Elder Noll

Jessi and Elder DeLeon, his new companion - still in Ventanas


Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Hey Hey! ¿Que mas?!
I am doing so so good! It has been an incredible week! 
Wednesday was a little interesting...
   I HAD MY FIRST CAMBIO! I am not exactly sure what they use in first change? Not sure...but after our studies in the morning I got a call from the assistants informing me that we had emergency changes and that I needed to pack my bags and be in Guayaquil as soon as possible. YIKES. I was kinda freaking out. And so sad...I did not want to leave Ventanas...AT ALL. But you gotta do what you gotta do. So Elder G and I lost our minds a bit and packed everything up and headed out in about 30 minutes...I forgot so many towel, protein shaker, and even my plaque for my suit. I might need those! Haha!
   But we made it down to Guayaquil and talked to President for a bit...So, when Elder G left, I was assigned to serve in Kennedy, Guayaquil. Right in the middle of the big city. By that time it was about 8ish so my new companion (Elder G, California) and I went and taught an English class... then headed to the house and unpacked my bags and what not. THEN...we get a call when I am all settled in telling me that I have changes...AGAIN! And that I need to be in the office at 11 the next morning!
   So I pack up...AGAIN...haha...and then we headed to the office at 11 the next morning to wait for further instruction. President told me that my new companion would be there there I waited! Finally the door opens and in walks Elder P and Elder D! Our Ventanas homies who we shared a house with! So, the final result of the whole thing is that Elder G went home. Elder P is now with Elder G in Guayaquil. And Elder D and I made our way back to Ventanas to re-unpack my stuff! Haha! So, now it is just me and D! He is such a stud! He is actually from my same group...he went to the Columbia MTC and was the first Elder I saw at the Air Port...I helped him translate an English letter from a friend the first time I saw him...we slept in the same temple hotel room our first night in Ecuador...both got assigned to Ventanas...the same house...and now we are companions! Pretty legit I´d say! ;) 
   I can not even express how hard I prayed that night I was in Guayaquil. I knew that the Lord had work for me to do in Ventanas still. We had progressing families and people that I knew were ready for me and me ready for them. I got on my knees and BEGGED the Lord to let me return and finish the work there that was going so well. And look where I am now...The Lord is so merciful and so understanding. He knows every want, need, and desire. He is so mindful of our souls and our spirits. If you truly want something or desire something...ask Him! I am so grateful to be here in Ventanas still...I absolutely LOVE it here. Elder D and I are working hard! Harder than ever before! There used to be 4 Elders in our sector but now, with the changes it is just us two so we have twice the families. But hey! Busy is BETTER! Especially when you are busy in the work of The Lord!
   It was really touching to say bye to people in Ventanas. People who I have not known for that long but who I feel so close to. Definitely shed some tears and quite a few members and investigators shed some tears when I told them I was leaving. I love how close the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring two people together. Apart from the sadness from saying goodbye...the happiness I felt when I saw them again after returning was unreal! I love the people here so much! They are the most caring and amazing people! Let's just say that church on Sunday was a whole lot of hand hugging because I am not allowed to give out real hugs...haha!
   Had a little dinner with Hermana K again...she is always giving us dinner! It has become a weekly tradition! I got to cook the meet again...and use some type of spray stuff as a blow torch to bring out my inner fire within which is always a good time! It was probably the most "rebelsome" thing I have done in the past five months -  besides wearing the same church shirt twice in a week...
   Yesterday morning we got up SUPER, SUPER early...we have the early morning church now so we have to get up even earlier to go pass for all of our investigators. The problem was that when we got up it was POURING: UNREAL amounts of rain. The streets were flooded pretty Elder D and I got on our knees and prayed that we would have a successful turn out at church. That those who we are teaching would make their way to The Lord's house. That we could find new people to teach...
we made it to church without stopping for anyone...and we didn't have to. The majority of our investigators were there...tons of less actives...and we got two amazing references! Once again...The Lord answers a He always does. But He can't answer to nothing...PRAY! ASK! I promise you will receive! :) The Lord promises that you will receive!
AHHHH...what else can I tell you about my awesome life!!!??
   Spanish is getting better and better every day as I pray harder and harder for the gift of tongues. Many times I don't even know what I am saying to people...but when the Spirit is working nothing else other words are important. It is the neatest thing to feel the Holy Ghost work through you to touch someone else. It is something indescribably perfect...something that I hope nobody gives up the chance to do! 
   Things here are just awesome...but I want to know what is up in the ville? What is up with life in Utah! Someone - help a brotha' out!
I hope all is well and hope you all know that each of you are in my prayers!
   "But before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the Kingdom of God."
I have read this scripture HUNDREDS of times but it never really hit me until I got out here on my mission. What really matters in this life? Is it the sick new car? Or is it giving someone who is walking home from school a ride? Is it the new iphone 6? Or is it calling someone without a friend to hang out on a Saturday night? Is it trying to be rich in popularity and worldly possessions over being rich in spirit? The list could go on forever...
and as hard as it matter the choice, who is involved, or what is at stake; SEEK YE FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Be rich in spirit!
   Nothing is more attractive to me in a girl than when she carries the same attributes that our Savior once carried and still carries. And the only thing that a beautiful daughter of God should be seeking for in a man is someone who she can see someday holding a little newborn infant in his arms and giving them a name and a blessing under the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood and being a worthy holder of that Priesthood. Being rich in spirit is so, so much more valuable than having temporal things, having a temporal mind, and a temporal heart. 
   You have an eternal soul. An eternal purpose. And an eternal destiny. Doesn't it just make sense that you put all things in an eternal perspective? The things in this life are so temporal...but the results of being rich in spirit are so eternal.
We know that God's Kingdom is glorious above our comprehension and more.
"For no man hath seen God at any time in the flesh, except quickened by the Spirit of God."
   As human beings, we LITERALLY cannot withstand the glory that God has and that His Kingdom is made up of. That is being rich. That is what we should seek after. Someone whose "brightness and glory defy all description" should give us hope as to what we can become and where we want to go. And we are not going to become what we were foreordained to become or end up where we were destined to go if we are more worried about the things of this world than we are about seeking for God's Kingdom and doing whatever it takes to get there.
   It has taken me 18 years and a trip to Ecuador to realize that I don't need a warm shower, air conditioning, or a carpeted home to be happy. The church is still true here. The Spirit still pierces. And Jesus Christ is still my Savior. The majority of people here are so poor...yet some of the most rich people I know. Rich in their spirits. And that is what really counts! 
   Nothing else in all of existence matters besides the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and it's teachings along with the Eternal Family. As you come to realize this and live this principle, I testify in the name of our Savior, whose church this is, that you will be more happy and blessed than you can possible imagine.
Every doubt, worry, stress, or fear will be replaced with a surety, courage, peace, and love. 
You will start reigning in the cash...the cash that actually matters! 
Love you all so much! Have an amazing week!
Elder Noll

Monday, January 12, 2015

January 12, 2015

Hey All! 
   How is everyone?! Hopefully SO SO good! I am doing great out here! As usual! 
This past week was a normal one...caminando y predicando and predicando y caminando! ;) Nothing better! 
   I was super sick on Monday and Tuesday...I will say that part of the week was not so great! I actually had to end up going to Quevedo to have an appointment with the doctor and run a bunch of lame tests...but here I am! Breathing! Living! And obviously LOVING every second of every day that our Savior gives to me! But The Lord managed to, yet again, take a weak servant and give me strength to fulfill His promise and sound this perfect message in the ears of those who are ready for it. How blessed I am. :)
   On Wednesday I got to give Hermana J a blessing! She is the member that lives below us and always hooks me up with smoothies! ;) It was a really neat experience...I am not quite sure what her illness is or was...but she had to go to Guayaquil the next day for an appointment. So we ran down to her house really quick to administer the blessing and she woke up the next morning feeling great! Good enough to not need to go to her appointment! How cool? The Lord's power is real and it is powerful. I was feeling kind of down because I felt like I couldn't express myself and say exactly what I wanted to say in Spanish...but I had to take a step back and really this my power? does it really matter who I am? does it really matter what I say? THE ANSWER IS NO! All that matters is that you perform saving ordinances under the sacred name of Jesus Christ and have un-waivering faith that our Heavenly Father will do the rest. I know that when we do that...answers will come...and miracles will happen.
   Thursday was cool! Elder M and Elder P were in an intercambio so that night there were 3 Gringos and only 1 Guat! It was like a homie sleep over back at home all over again...minus the staying up all night...and eating good food...and talking about girls...and causing a ruckus...okay it was nothing like a homie sleep over...haha! But it was a good time! :)
   We have been teaching an investigator who is having problems with the Word of Wisdom. We have been working so so so hard with him but we have not been seeing any progress. FINALLY...he showed up at church. He was so he was thinking so deeply about something. When we saw him later that night he told us he felt like he needed to change. He decided to enroll in a recuperation program for alcoholics. What faith? So off he went...for THREE whole months he will be living in a new home to help get over his addiction all because he has faith and knows that it is a commandment of The Lord. I want to be like Him when I grow up. Something that I have found on my mission is that those who I am teaching are actually teaching me more than I am them. 
   On Friday the Ward Mission Leader and I visited a particular family...and the father is a punk! Haha! I love him to death...but he never wants to pray. So we went into the lesson with the intentions of getting this dude to talk to his Father in Heaven. And our prayers were answered! :) He offered one of the most heart felt prayers I have ever heard. He reminded me that we need to pray like it is the first time every time.
   On Saturday we got to do some service! One of the families in the ward have some family from Utah that just moved here to Ventanas. Man was it strange to converse with adults that knew English. And they have the CUTEST kids! So we helped them unpack and what not and got to play with the kids for a little bit. This family is incredible though...they lived in a beautiful home in a beautiful area but felt like they needed to change. They prayed to their Father in Heaven and felt like Ecuador was their answer. So they packed up and here they are. Holy hard would that be?! Let us all try to be 100% reliant on The Lord and His plan. He KNOWS.
Yesterday was a little interesting...
   We were gathering people for church, Hermano N and I, and we stopped to see an elderly man. He is very, very sick. He can't walk. Has no food, and has nobody to take care of him. So, N and I had to change his diaper...which was a little startling...there was no fear in this mans eyes...haha...but we fed him and then got him to the church and carried him up the stairs so that he could take the sacrament and listen to the word of God. I think we are all kind of like this man. We are all kind of sick and unable. We need to rely on God's messengers...on His son...on the Prophets to guide us to happiness and eternal life because we can't do it alone.
   Ah! So many awesome experiences this past week! I love how every day is so new here...but I am in the same arms of my Heavenly Father. On many occasions I am exhausted from this work. I am beat. Completely. To the point where I fall asleep on my knees...but what better place to fall asleep than literally in the arms of your Heavenly Father. I love falling asleep on the phone with the God of the Universe. I am not advising you to do so...but advising you to offer your heart and soul up to Him every night and every day like it is your first time ever doing so and like it will be your last time to ever do so. I promise He will answer...because He LOVES you. 
Which ties into my message...da da da da!
   Last week I talked about the pure love of Jesus Christ and how we need to give our all to Him and serve and love others. With the little time I have left I thought I would switch from the love that we should have for others to the love that our Heavenly Father has for us.
''For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.''
Our Heavenly Father loved us and still loves us enough that He sent His firstborn son to the earth, knowing PERFECTLY well the sacrifice that His son would have to make and the pains that He would have to feel. But he sent Him off anyway. He sent Him because we needed an example. A light. A hope. He sent Him because we needed a way back to Him and that is all that matters to our Heavenly Father. 
''For behold, this is my work and my glory—to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.''
This scripture blows my mind every time I read it. What could God's glory possibly be? Perhaps His kingdom? His authority and power? His ability to create universes? The fact that He is God? The truth is that He does not glory in a single one of these fact...He glories in us. And His only purpose...his only objective as our Heavenly for us to return to Him. And this purpose and objective is something that He made for himself! The God of the Universe glories in His sons and daughters. The Almighty and infinite being of all existence glories in YOU...because He loves you. Perfectly and Infinitely.
His glory is our Salvation and when we reconcile ourselves unto Him.
He loves us enough to give us a two way communication between us and Him.
He loves us enough to have restored, through His power, the true and everlasting Gospel of Jesus Christ.
He loves us enough that He sent us here to live with the people we love and He loves enough that He made a plan so that we could live with those same people forever.
He loves us enough to grant us daily breath and to give us life.
He loves us enough that He will always be there.
Our Heavenly Father is ALWAYS there, Brothers and Sisters. That I testify of. And He will continue to always be there for time and all eternity. 
This life can bring the most negative feelings and thoughts. And they are from Satan...who is also real and powerful. But these feelings only have power if we let them. We can feel worthless, hopeless, helpless, and without a friend. At times we can feel like we are drowning and like we don't have a chance in this world and that we have no escape. GET ON YOUR KNEES and KNOW...that your Heavenly Father is kneeling right beside you. That you are in His constant care. That you are in His constant watch. As you talk to your Father know that His arms are around your broken heart...and He is holding you ever so softly and loving you more than you can possibly imagine.
A simple prayer will make all the difference in the world because we mean all the Universe to Him. 
   I testify that His love is endless and eternal. He loves you as His only child because that is exactly what you are. He loves you infinity times more than anyone in the world has the capacity to even comprehend or let alone match. 
Raise your shoulders up. Stop dropping your head and raise your chin. Wipe away your tears. Take the world and throw it away! The only thing we should feel is confidence and love...we have Heavenly Father on our side...and He always wins.
Keep keepin' on!
Sending all my love from Ecuador...but it is not NEARLY as much as our Heavenly Father is sending you and has in store for you each and ever day.
Love, Elder Noll

Monday, January 5, 2015

January 5, 2015

Brothers and Sisters!!!
   I sure hope all is well with all of you! HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had an amazing time! It was such a great week here...that is for sure!
But what's new?

   Last P-DAY was super cool...before proselyting at night, we played soccer with all the homies from the ward which was really fun. They are all the biggest studs...super fun hanging out with them. Then we went to a families house for their little girls birthday. We bought her a cake and some other things. She turned 10 and I told her that I have a little brother that is 10, too. That's right Al...I got you! Best wing man ever. I got you homie! ;)
   After that we went out to our appointments. On our way back home we witnessed a was the most awful thing I have ever seen. Poor little pig. LOL. Did that frighten you mom?? ;) We saw some people kill and then gut a pig. A GIANT one. It was so so soooo nasty! I won't go into details about that nonsense!

   I went on an intercambio with the leader of the zone which was really cool. All their investigators are sooo incredible! They were really confused though when they saw me because my name had changed??? Turns out...Elder P from Logan was in their home the day before and they just thought we were the same person. I think it might have something to do with our white skin...just a guess??!! ;)
   Later that night all of the missionaries from our zone met up at our house. Elder M and I wanted something to drink so we ran down the street really quick to buy some juice. It tasted sooo good...especially because it is soo hot right I definitely enjoyed it...until a drunk man came up to me and told me to give it to him. Haha. I figured I would avoid any contention and try not to escalate the situation so I just gave it to him. Then Elder M and I went and bought him some bread to go with his juice. It is the little things like that in my mission that have given me the most joy and happiness. Simply helping others brings more joy in this life than anything else. 

   New Years was okay! Other than the fact that it was really hard to share the gospel because nobody was home :/ So we did our best...we were not allowed to stay out too late because it is super dangerous in the streets so we just ate with the members below us. They have a fun tradition here in Ecuador where you eat 1 grape every minute starting at 11:48 up until 12:00. It represents the 12 months of the year and every time you eat a grape you think of one thing that you want to do better. One goal. One wish. Something like that. It was really cool and fun! Especially because Elder P and I thought it would be funny to not eat the grapes as we put them in our mouths. So by 12:00 we both had all 12 grapes in our mouths trying not to bust up laughing. Everyone who was with us thought we were pretty strange...but that's okay! Worth the fun for sure!

   We did manage to come across some fireworks! So after dinner we went up to our balcony and shot off Roman Candles at birds. Haha! So fun! One backfired though and singed the top of my head! I guess that will have to be another story...but that explains why I had to cut my hair so short today! ;) Haha!
   New Years Day was absolutely DEAD: Nobody was in the streets...except one person. One super old and super drunk woman. As soon as she saw us 4 elders walking in the street she lost it. She got soooo excited! She noticed Elder P first...
"Oh my! You are so handsome!" Then to Elder G - "I guess you are okay."  To me -  "AND YOU... You are most beautiful. So handsome!" (That's right...winning the hearts of old drunk women like it's my job)... then finally to Elder D - "Oh dear...Que Feo! In other are ugly." After she said that she just walked away...How sad is that!?!? It was SO SO SO SO funny and Elder P nearly died from holding in our laughter...but I still felt bad for Elder D... Nobody likes to be called ugly by an old drunk woman. ;)
   Hmmm...what other small details...
I got pooped on by a bird...I think it was revenge for shooting all his little flying friends with fireworks...

   I got burnt super duper bad on my hand...I will leave out the details with that one...just know that it was my Gringo moment of the week...Haha! 

   The stories could go on forever...but I have to get to what is most important!!

   I have honestly learned so much over the past five months it is unreal...especially how to love and what love really is. We learn from the scriptures that CHARITY is literally the pure love of Jesus Christ and that without it "we are NOTHING". As human beings we are nothing to begin with...and it is only through Jesus Christ and His love, which is charity, that we can become something. The work of the Almighty God, our Eternal and Infinite Heavenly Father, is to develop His sons and daughters into Kings and Queens...and we can't make it there without charity.
   Our infinite souls depend on an infinite number of of those being acting for ourselves. Personal prayer and scripture study, going to church, attending the temple, etc. Another being acting for others. Giving to others. Loving others. Living the life that Christ lived and walking the path that He walked. Those two things are all that we can do...we can only do TWO out of the INFINITY things that our souls rely on...SO DO THESE TWO THINGS. And the Everlasting and Only Begotten Son of God and His Atonement will make up for what we lack. He will make up for our nothingness...but he needs that something! He needs that fraction of your eternal soul! That CHARITY! And after we give ourselves to others...He fills in the blanks. 
   Christ´s ENTIRE life was dedicated to others. His life ended when He was in YOUR service. So let's dedicate our lives to HIM and live in HIS service. There is no better or greater joy that I have experienced in my life than while serving my brothers and sisters who are desperately searching for truth. Christ cured the blind, fed the multitude, healed the sick, and suffered in every way humanly and Godly possible...and He did it all for others.
We need to help others see. Help others be fed spiritually. Help others be better and feel better. Sacrifice every single ounce of every part of your soul to The Lord´s work and to loving others. Our Savior is counting on US...He is counting on YOU.
I testify that there is no greater love than the pure and unbreakable love of Jesus Christ. And that love is Charity. It is the same love that our brother had for us when He descended below all and endured everything. 
What are you willing to descend below and endure for Him who endured it all for you and more? 
Love you all so so so so much! Have an incredible week!
Elder Noll

Christmas tree - missionary style :)

Jessi and Jake - together again

Jessi's favorite gift...sweet potatoes

modeling the new pj shirt...inside joke with his little brother