Monday, October 26, 2015

October 26, 2015

Hello loved ones! :) What's going on? Everyone pumped for Halloween? I think I will go trick or treating... I will be searching for the best banana ;) That's about as sweet as it gets here! Any fun plans? What's new? I haven't heard from anyone about SHS ball... who are they playing in the first round? 
Not much newness going on around town... the rain should start falling pretty heavily here shortly. Every five years they have something called "the rains." It has something to do with the equator and I guess it rains like crazy... which means more humidity... which means more heat... which means more awesomeness, right?! This week was a great and adventurous experience! Leggo...
Early on in the week my companion got sick so we had to go to Guayaquil. He is still getting accustomed to everything so we had to go run some tests and what not. Man I feel bad... I remember when I got sick about a year ago... 40 pounds later I came out alive!!! But he is luckily doing a lot better and we got things under control. But we did spend the night in the mission home... man that place... besides the creaky bunk bed, rattling fan, mice scurrying through the walls, and my crusty blanket I slept pretty well! And we played basketball with the office elders in the morning for exercise... and I still cannot make a layup... I was trying ever so hard to represent the KOSS Krew but I couldn't come up clutch... next time for sure though ;)
I actually survived another earthquake a little while back! It occurred at like 2 or 3 in the morning... I nearly fell off of my bed!
We had an awesome experience! We were visiting a less active family and we finished the lesson and asked for a reference. As missionaries we ask references from EVERYONE. It is very rare that someone actually has one, but we have to do all we can to spread this gospel so we ask anyways. This particular time they told us that everyone they knew is Catholic or that they wouldn't accept us... after hearing that Catholic excuse for the 1,000,000,000,089,384 time I decided to put an end to that nonsense! "The thing is Hermana... we don't baptize Mormon's." She stopped..."You are so right! Let me present you to my neighbor." And it turns out that "the neighbor" is married (which hardly ever happens in Ecuador) and has a beautiful family. We set up a visit set for later in the week, and a baptismal date! Such a miracle from our Heavenly Father and such a testimony that all it takes is a presentation sometimes. There are so many people waiting to hear of this message but we refrain from sharing it out of fear or judgement... let's not :)
Oh yeah... ANOTHER miracle. We were with another less active family and when the visit came to an end, we finished with a prayer, and they offered us some food. As hungry as I was... I felt something deep in my heart that we needed to get on our horse and get on it fast! With as much love as we could express we explained that we had another visit and we headed out. My companion was a little confused why we were walking so fast and so was I... but we came to the end of the street and we caught a short glimpse of a woman carrying her baby over her shoulder... only for a moment though because she entered herself into a dirt road and the houses blocked her from our view. We headed off in that direction. When we made it to that same dirt road we started to follow her (a little creepy I know, but we are missionaries. No pasa nada) and her baby saw us and LIT UP. This little dude was adorable! We were close enough to the point where I started to make faces at my baby obsession and make him laugh.  His 1-tooth smile make my life 100 times better. He was giggling so hard to the point that the mother turned around to see what the cause was. She too was just happy. As soon as I saw her smile I knew... that is why the spirit told us to skip out on the food offer! How incredible it was to testify to this perfectly happy woman and her adorable family that there is even MORE happiness waiting for her, her baby, her other children, and her husband through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She is very interested and was so curious as to why we were so happy. So we found another amazing family through another miracle from the Lord and His leading and guiding spirit. I no longer hungered... I was instantly filled with so much appreciation and gratitude for the Lord and His method of work. Get on your horse!
Hmmm... our light burnt out so we bought another bulb and turned off the power in the house to put it in and be a little more safe... but my companion actually turned up the voltage... and we got confused with the light switch if it was clicked on "on" or "off" because it doesn't say. Long story short... that up-volted light socket and with the switch on "on" got me pretty good. Haha! That sucker fried me nearly to death... and I am sure I looked pretty funny with every hair on my head standing strait up due to the electric shock I took!
Another hmmm... we were with the Zone Leaders on Thursday and when the night rolled around it was too late to make it back to La Troncal so we just slept there in the Zone Leader's house. We slept on their wooden bed frames. Man... 15 months ago I could get away with sleeping on a cold tile floor... I think I am getting old... :/ My back still hurts from that night!!
And another hmmm... this past weekend we had a District Conference which was AWESOME! The District is super tiny... I am serving in a branch right now... and in the District there are 3 branches. But despite the number... the spirit testified of the same truth as it does in the largest of congregations! The speakers were incredible.
I guess I will share one more experience really quick... hopefully you are not bored half to death... or all the way to death!!
We went to the house of another less active (as you can see we work a lot with less actives) to share a quick message. He has not been to church for years... he is actually the Ex-Pres of the branch... but has fallen away for some reason or another. They usually don't accept the missionaries, but for some reason they did this time. We decided to touch on the Atonement. I do not remember a whole lot of what was said during the lesson but we finished with a prayer and before even standing up he bolted up and said, "WHEN WILL YOU RETURN?!" We were a bit taken back... "Can you come tomorrow?" he asked. "OF COURSE!" we replied. So we will have another visit with him later today. Amazing what the message of the Atonement does for the lives of others.
Now for the spiritual message...

Where are your accusers? What have you done in your life that would cause a condemning? What is keeping you from the Kindgom of God? Amulek teaches a vital concept to Zeezrom in Alma 11. "And I say unto you again that He can not save them in their sins;... no unclean thing can inherit the Kingdom of Heaven." Well that really sums things up doesn't it?
I guess we are all toast!
At least that is what Lucifer wants you to feel. The description of what Korihor taught in Alma 30 is such a great symbol for who Lucifer is and the thoughts he tries to put in your heads. As we analyze who he is and what he taught the people we can see the thoughts that Satan has put in our very own heads at times. "There is no Christ," Christ is a "foolish and vain hope," "how do you know?" "the remission of sins is the effect of a frenzied mind," "there is no atonement." DO NOT GIVE IN TO THE TEACHINGS OF LUCIFER.
Brothers and Sisters, there is a Christ. He is our only hope. I know because I feel Him... I know Him. The remission of sins is not the effect of a frenzied mind, rather, a loving, humble, submissive, and eternal mind of a God who gave it all in a garden, on a cross, and in a tomb.
For this very cause, Christ said 5 simple, yet "salvational," words to the adulterer and He is saying the same 5 words to you and to me every second of every day:
"Go, and sin no more." 
The first word really calls my attention. He did not just say, "sin no more." YOU HAVE GOT TO GO! There is something that you have to DO. There is something required of you. Before you "sin no more" you must GO. But where to? Your knees... your heart... your soul... the depths of humility and repentance. What is it we do by "going?" To go is to repent. "Repent, and sin no more."
In Romans 6 it gives us what the "going" does for us.
"Knowing this (knowing that we have gone and repented), that our "old" man is crucified with Him, that the body of sin might be destroyed..." As we go we are crucified alongside with our older brother. And what occurred after the crucifixion of our Savior? He arose. As we go... we ARISE. Our sins are literally destroyed. We are forgiven.
The miracle of forgiveness is filled with miracles in itself. "No unclean thing can inherit the Kingdom of God" yet through the miracle of "going" made possible through the Atonement, our sins are destroyed... making us clean and giving us permission to enter this degree of the most exalted glory. This miracle is an everlasting miracle... offered to each and every one of us each and every day. We can ALWAYS "go".
The Pharisees brought unto Christ a sinner... a sin that required stoning and to be put to death according to the law of Moses in the Old Testament... and all Christ told her to do was "go." Repent. 
No matter how filthy you may think you are. No matter what your Pharisees say. No matter where, when, or how you have sinned.... I INVITE YOU TO "GO!"
Be crucified with Christ and watch as your sins get destroyed. 
Where are your accusers? You have none. Go.
Who condemns you? Nobody. Go.
What is keeping you from becoming a God and inheriting eternal glory? GO and you will find that nothing is holding you back.
There is no sin in the past, present, or future that will not be resolved by simply "going."
Love you all! Your Savior loves you! Your Heavenly Father loves you!
Be extra safe this week. Eat tons of candy. Carve tons of pumpkins. Have fun with your families. Your kids. Know that you are all in my prayers.
Elder Noll

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October 19, 2015

Hello friends and family from all around the world! What a stellar week! One of the fastest weeks in my mission I think... not sure what made it so different. It was filled with miracles left and right just like every single other week! But nonetheless... HERE I AM! :) 

Super congrats to the Ville! I am so pumped to hear that you guys are doing so well! Keep tearing it up! 
I am trying to think what else could be going on in that far distant land of yours....?? But nothing is coming to mind! COLD maybe?? Haha! I think that is how you spell “cold”... I have forgotten what that word even means ;) Good thing we have fans at night that help us remember a portion of what it means! Hah! 

Like I said... this week was great! And was filled with so many tender mercies from our Lord.
One night we had ward visits and my companion and I headed out with the Ward Mission Leader to the banana fields where an INCREDIBLE family lives. The wife is a less active but her husband is not a member. He had put off baptism for years up until now... we thought the result would be the same... but we taught him about the importance of baptism anyways! We asked him to say the closing prayer and out of his own mouth, he said, “thank you Heavenly Father for finally helping me feel ready for baptism.” I was amazed! So we were blessed enough to set a baptismal goal with this amazing man. I was so touched at his humility... and fervent prayer of gratitude for how the Lord was able to touch his heart and help him feel ready. To see this family who lives such a hard life... with so many trials and tribulations and difficulties... in my mind dressed in white in a Temple of the Almighty God is something that gives me the chills! 
We are also working really hard with a less active family... but they are not looking so less active now!!! As we taught them of the Prophet, Joseph Smith, we asked them to ponder, meditate, and reflect on when they received their testimony of the restoration of the Gospel. When they received their testimony of their Savior, Jesus Christ. Their first time in church. The first time they felt their burden “lifted” following their first time repenting. Tears filled the room and the spirit filled all of out hearts. It was also a self-reflecting moment for me to ask myself the questions I was asking. I invite all to think deeply of when you were converted. When you felt the Lord`s love for the first time. When you first believed. I promise that you will be reconverted as I was!

Anyway... the week passed and yesterday a “less active” family brought a non-member friend to church! In less than a week a “less active” family put on a name badge and  became a “missionary” family! What great examples they are to all of us!!!

Thursday night was kinda funny. The day came to an end and on the way home we passed by an ice cream place and we gave in. It was one of the ones that you can try flavors with the little spoons. So OBVIOUSLY I am going to try all of the flavors. There was one flavor that was written in Chinese so I had no idea what flavor it was (where is your older brother when you need him?) but I asked for it anyways. The worker said...”OH! You will love this! It is my favorite! I will give you a big spoonful of this one!” So she gave me and big spoon. Before I put it in my mouth I asked what flavor it was...she said...”Coffee!” 
ahhh nuts...
I played it smooth and asked her for another flavor and when she turned around to get the spoon the door opened and I chucked the spoon out the door! I really had to thread the needle so that it made it out the door without her noticing! But I came up clutch just like Brett Favre in the NFC Championship against the Saints ;) Haha! Just kidding. I didn’t throw an interception. We got the TD! And I avoided coffee!

I avoided quite a few things this week! Another family was about to give us “hose soup” again. The pig heart, liver, intestine, foot, etc soup...but we told them we were super full so they gave it to us in Tupperware bowls. Thank goodness!!

Got a visit from some friends in Panorama! They came to visit me and give me a package that my family sent to me! And one of the ward missionaries who I worked with quite a bit there made me some brownies that I shared with the other Elders in the house last night! So that was fun. 
The new area is good! There are amazing people all over this country. Just gotta find them! It is truly incredible to feel the guidance of the spirit and find the people who are so prepared to listen to this gospel and accept our Savior. Not much is new! 

Not sure why but I am feeling like I need to dedicate a little more time to the spiritual message this I better get on that!

When the brother of Jared and his brethren go to work to build their barges they do so according to the instruction of the Lord. I imagine the Lord saying, “make the bottom tight like unto a dish”...and they did so. “Now peak the edges”...and the edges were peaked. “Now tighten the top like unto a dish”...and the top was tightened. “A bit longer” they made them to the length of trees. “Oh...almost forgot...make a door too! So that when it shuts it is tight like unto a dish so that water doesn’t get it”...and the brother of Jared and his brethren did it. After the barges are made the brother of Jared not just prays...but CRIES unto the Lord. “Lord, in them there is no light; whither shall we see? For in them there is no air and we cannot breathe.” So yet again the Lord comes to them with an answer. “Thou shalt make a hole in the top, and in the bottom...” So they go back and make a hole in the top and in the bottom and they solve that problem thanks to the Lord’s counsel. However, I LOVE how the Lord withholds the answer for light. And again the brother of Jared cries, “Wilt thou suffer that we shall cross this great water in darkness?” This time the Lord answers a little differently.
“What wilt ye that I should do...?”
I find it a little funny when I try to put it into today’s terms.
“Uh...dude...Jared’s bro...I had to tell you to make the sides tight, peak the edges, tighten the top, lengthen it, make a door, tighten the door, put holes in it, and now you want light? What else do you want me to do for you? Would you like fries with that?”
The Lord has given us so much instruction in our lives...and He will continue to do so through His holy spirit. The majority of times when we lack “air” and we ask Him how we can breathe...He simply tells us. 
But sometimes we lack more. 
But Lord, there is no light. Whither shall we see? But Lord, where do I go to school? What do I study? Who should I marry? Are they the one? Do I go on a mission? But Lord, should I accept this job? LORD, I CANNOT SEE! TELL ME WHAT TO DO!
And sometimes the Lord is going to say...
“Uh...what do you want me to do? With all that I have already given you...would you like fries with that?”
The Lord requires of us faith just as He required faith from the brother of Jared. We learn later on that the Lord did not just supply light. It was required of the brother of Jared to go up to the mount, gather stones, reflect upon his life, repent, pray fervently, and MAKE A DECISION. He made a decision and brought it to the Lord. “And I know, O Lord, that thou hast all power...therefore touch these stones, O Lord, with thy finger that they might shine forth in darkness...”.
Brothers and Sisters, some things don’t just come. Sometimes the Lord won’t give you the fries! He requires you to make a decision and take it to Him. I promise that as we take our “stones” (decisions) to Him, He will touch them with His finger and cause them to light (Ether 6:2). Sometimes He knows that the choice we will make will follow His divine plan so He refrains from “answering” so that we can have a faith building experience. If you are not receiving an answer it is because the Lord knows you will make the right choice. As we make our own decisions and take them to the Lord He will touch them and make them shine to their greatest capacity. As the brother of Jared took his faithful decision to the Lord and trusted that He would touch it, he literally saw the Lord and was led to the promised land. Don’t worry if you have not received your answer. If you don’t know what to do, if you don’t know what to think or feel, if you don’t know where to go or how to get there… MAKE A DECISION as the brother of Jared did. Make a decision and wait patiently until the Lord touches it to make it shine. I promise that it will...and you too will be led to see the Lord God in the “promised land”.
Love you all! 
Elder Noll

Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

Hello friends! 
   I have been thrust into the mountains once more! Haha! I am now kicking it in La Troncal! It is a small town right out side of Triunfal! So I guess I will be here for the next little while. I am with a brand spankin new Elder. He is from I guess the whole new sector and not understanding Portuguese is a little difficult but I am up for the challenge! Haha!
   On Wednesday I got to spend the day with not just ONE Springvilleite...but TWO! Elder Ashman arrived safe and sound and boy was it cool having a temple session with two great friends.
   I already miss Panorama...TONS. But I know that the Lord sends us where we will grow the most personally and help the most people possible grow as well. 
   I do not have tons of time today because we have to go get to know the sector but I will hook you guys up with my favorite details from this week! :)
   We ran into a couple with their little baby and they invited us in! WOW...I knew it was gonna be different...I will say it one more time...they INVITED us in! Haha! We taught them about the Restoration of the Church and soon learned that they were very faithful Jehovah Witnesses. Nevertheless, we invited them to pray and to ask. The mother began to pray and nobody in that room can deny what was felt...I was touched as she she poured her heart out in gratitude. "THANK YOU, Heavenly Father for placing these two missionaries in my path. Thank you for teaching me the truth. Thank you for saving me from this confusion of all these years." Wow...I was touched. We have a visit planned with them for later on in the week. So incredible how God can prick the heart of even the most faithful Jehovah Witness!
   Church was a little different...with the sector I am in being so small, the number of people was also very small. Like...small to the point where  I had to teach the Relief Society class! Haha! It was quite funny but super fun! We had fast and testimony meeting yesterday and the testimony of a young girl touched me very deeply. She is 12 years old...she is the only member in her house...and walks to and from church and church activities every week. And she lives far away!! What faith!! Her testimony was incredible. She said something along the lines of, "I feel so alone at home...but I know that my Heavenly Father is always with me. My parents deny me and my faith...but I know that God accepts me as His daughter." She then went on the give a profound testimony of the Atonement of our Savior. I was in awe. I hope that I can be like this little girl someday...with such great faith and with such a firm cemented testimony.
   I feel somewhat inspired to address all of the daughters of God in today's spiritual message. Especially the young woman and the young single adults. 
Proverbs 31:10 states, "Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies."
   For the short time I have left today, I would like to focus on your importance as a daughter of God. I love what President Nelsen said in Conference last week. He explained that we NEED virtuous, loving, faithful, pure, and courageous women. THAT is what you are, sisters! YOU are virtue. YOU are love. YOUR faith exceeds beyond comprehensible capacities, YOU represent purity. YOU are among the most courageous of all. YOUR "price is far above rubies." There is nothing in the world or the millions of universes or galaxies that should ever make you feel less that what you are. Less beautiful than you look. Less wanted then you really are. It is my prayer to the Lord that all daughters of our Eternal Father can feel of their eternal purpose and potential as a future queen. 
"Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou exceedest them all."
I hope you all heard that!
Faithful daughters of Eve...REALIZE your potential. Your beauty. Never give into Satan's downgrading negativity nor man's judgement. The Lord's judgement is that "above the rubies" you are...and above the rubies you shall forever be!
Love you all and have an incredible week!
Elder Noll

Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

Before I post Jessi's letter for this week, I need to note that we had the opportunity this weekend at General Conference to meet a couple from Ecuador who know and love Elder Noll - the sister cares for him, helps him with laundry and says he has many "mamitas" in the ward taking care of him. They will be taking a package back to him for me <3 tender mercies

   I SPOTTED YOU SISTER WALKER!! You KNOW I was playing the game even from thousands of miles away! 
   This past week was a great one and Conference Weekend was legendary! I think it gets better and better every 6 months. There is no doubt that these men and women are called of God. There is no doubt that these new members of the Twelve have been chosen by God to further His work and glory. How blessed I feel to have had the chance to be counseled by Elder Scott, Elder Packer, and Elder Perry...and how blessed we are for the organization of the church and God´s restored power on Earth to have Elder Rasband, Elder Stevenson, and Elder Renlund in the Quorum of the Twelve.
   Maybe we will start with the beginning of the week!
Once a week we have ward visits and we split of with the other Brothers in the ward to visit more members. I headed off with a Hermano and we visited various families in the ward that are having difficulties with whatever it may be...with one brother I felt so inspired to share a verse in 3 Nephi but I refrained. What the verse says had nothing to do with his difficulty or needs. So I continued to deny this prompting. Finally I gave in...´´Hermano! I have to share a scripture!´´ So I shared with him 3 Nephi 17:7- ´´Have ye any that are sick among you? Bring them hither. Have ye any that are lame, or blind, or halt, or maimed, or leprous, or that are withered, or that are deaf, or that are afflicted in any manner? Bring them hither and I will heal them, for I have compassion upon you; my bowels are filled with mercy.´´
He was very emotional for quite some time. Then when he was able to talk he told us that that was the very scripture that helped him in his choice to be baptized and that he needed the reminder of why he was baptized and the covenants and promises that he has made. It is truly incredible how the spirit works through us. LISTEN. ACT. And don´t wait like I did! The Lord needs you to listen...NOW!
   On Thursday we had quite the morning! We were up and out the door at 4:30ish to make our way to Guayaquil for a Temple session and Multi-Zone Conference with President Riggins. IT WAS INCREDIBLE! The temple was obviously unreal. I received a plethora of answers to questions that I had been pondering and meditating on for quite some time!       
   The Conference was great as well...President is such an inspired man of God. It is very clear that he is called of God. 
   We did have a tough day this week...well a tough morning. We were contacting and contacting and getting denied and rejected. Time after time after time. Each time a door was shut on my nose I got a little bit more discouraged. A little more saddened. A little closer to giving up. We passed 2 women in the street without saying anything...I did not want to get denied and made fun of again...but as we passed I could not deny, yet again, the strong impression to go back. This time I gave in to the first prompting! We did not even manage to open our mouth when one of the women said, ´´Just so you know...I am Catholic.´´ Man...that was pretty straight up. Haha! But for some reason I did not lose hope. The other women said, ´´You know what? I was baptized years ago in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I have not been in a very long time and have felt the absence of something in my life. Do you think you could visit me sometime next week?´´ WOW. I was in awe. How blessed we are to be led by the spirit and to be guided to our Heavenly Fathers lost sheep. I have faith that this women will return to the church. I have faith that we were guided to her for a reason...a sacred reason. We will see how the appointment goes later on this week! :)
   There is one man who we have run into quite a bit. Each time he sees us he tries to contend, ridicule, and fight. It is even hard to get a testimony out. When we saw him watering his bushes, I said a small prayer in my heart, we headed in his direction. And as usual...came the contention, ridiculing, and fighting. After enough spit had been splattered on my face and after enough damage to my heart had been done...we simply asked...´´Brother...if you were to come to know that what we teach is true would you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the Priesthood power and authority of God?´´ His response was unexpected...´´COME IN TO MY HOUSE!´´ We taught this man of the Restoration of the Church through the Prophet Joseph Smith and how incredible it was to see his faith grow and see him believe every word that was spoken through the Holy Spirit that was touching his heart and testifying of every spoken word! We finished the lesson and he said, ´´I HAVE TO SHARE THIS WITH MY FAMILY!´´ Haha! What an incredible man he is. It was a marvelous experience to talk to him and see him as he changed.
   CONFERENCE WEEKEND! I finally got to listen to they who I have been testifying of for so long! The messages were so powerful! We watched the Saturday morning session in the Stake Center and the afternoon session with the Family Jaramillo! I think it would be better for me to NOT write what I have learned or else we would be here for quite sometime. The Priesthood session was just as great! We finished off with the two Sunday sessions in the Stake Center as well. 

   That was a summary of this week! 
   We have changes on Wednesday...mixed emotions! I have really grown close to the members in this ward and the people who I have been blessed to serve. But I know that I will be sent to where the Lord would have be go! I am excited to flip the page and start a new chapter of my mission!

   The greatest, most miraculous, and courageous even in all of history took place in a garden when the Savior withdrew Himself a stonescast. In the 22nd chapter and 41st verse in Luke, the Savior kneels...and He prays. What occurs in the Savior´s prayer amazes me more and more day by day. ´´He Himself took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses´´, He sweat ´´great drops of blood´´, ´´suffered for us´´, and ´´layed upon Himself the iniquity of us all´´. For a moment in time...He represented you. He lived your life and stained Gethsemane with His blood for the sins that you have committed, are committing now, and will commit in the future. He felt your every pain, experienced your every trial, was diagnosed with your every sickness, feared your every fear, doubted your every doubt, and lost what you have lost. Your Savior was YOU...I believe that is one of the reasons that He asked the Father ´´if thou be willing, remove this cup from me´´. Not because of fear. Not because of weakness or lack of endurance...the Savior was and is perfect and endured perfectly...but because He was representing you and felt what you would feel and experienced what you would experience he wanted ´´this cup´´ removed from you. He was begging for you. Then came the most heroic, submissive, and humble act that the world has ever known; ´´nevertheless not my will but thine be done´´. 
Never mind my exhaustion...I will keep on. 
Never mind the sins that have caused me to sweat blood...I will bleed on.
Never mind the agony, grief, and struggle I have felt...I will struggle on. 
Never mind the beating I shall take here shortly...I will go to it.
Never mind the cross that I will soon be nailed to...for I will carry it.
What bravery in a time of such darkness and hopelessness. What love. What understanding our Savior has for all of us thanks to his willingness to submit to the Father´s will. 
   I testify in the name of Him who kept on, bled on, struggled on, went to it, and carried it, that you have someone who KNOWS you. Your older brother KNOWS you. I find it so amazing how ´´this is life eternal, that you might know Him the only true God, and Jesus Christ, who He hast sent´´. As Christ came to know you that day in the must too come to know Him. You must come to know Him as He came to know you. IT WILL NOT BE EASY! You are going to have to keep on, struggle on, bleed on, go to it, and carry it but the miracle of the Atonement of Jesus Christ is that He already represented us and struggled through it, kept it, bled it, went to it, and carried it. That means WHATEVER you are going through...whatever you feel...whatever storm has come...whatever pain is in your heart or overtaking your too can keep it, struggle it, bleed it, go to it, carry it, and through the everlasting power and redemption of Him who was lifted upon the cross and arose the third can overcome it.  You can be crowned with glory even as He was. Brothers and Sisters you can live through. You can endure. You were foreordained to endure. I send my most loving and meaningful prayers to all who are suffering in their garden that you can all come to know Jesus Christ through enduring what He has already endured. That you can submit yourselves to God´s will and be exalted through the depths of your humility in times when giving up seems like the only answer.
He lives. That I know. I am coming to know Him more and more each and every day. He has freed me from all...His blood washes my soul each time I repent and submit to the Father´s will. I know He played my part, read my lines, and lived my life in that garden...´´Oh it is wonderful that He should care for me enough to die for me. Oh it is wonderful, wonderful to me.´´
In the name of the Only Begotten, living, breathing, Savior of this world and many others, Jesus Christ the Redeemer of us all. Amen.
Elder Noll