Tuesday, August 19, 2014

August 19, 2014 - First Letter Home

Hola mi familia y amigos!!
It has been quite the adventure so far! The flight here was okay...I just slept! I was surrounded by 18 year-olds in suits and ties so i was not in it alone! When we got to Houston there were 16 of us who had all flown in from different states and airports. Most of us are all going to Ecuador! Anyway, we all met up at the gate and it ended up being the wrong one so we had to sprint to the other side of the airport to catch out flight! I am sure it was quite the visual to see 16 Mormon boys run from one end of the airport to the other! Haha! We made it in time and landed safely in Mexico. By this time we were a little more relaxed. So we got off the plane, positioned ourselves in an orderly fashion, and swagged off into the distance. I was leading the crew! I felt so cool! haha! I was leading a pack of a bunch of nervous, scared, clean shaven, suited up 18 year olds! We ALL felt cool! My swag quickly faded when we made it to the counter and I had to ask where we went for the immigration check. The answer to my question was....uhhh??? Como? I soon realized that I was in Mexico City and that that I No Hablo Espanol! We finally found the bus to take us to the MTC (CCM in Spanish) and here I am! 
Nothing too crazy has happened yet! Wake up at 6...pray and study...eat breakfast...pray and study...eat lunch...pray and study...eat dinner...pray and study...teach an investigator...pray and study...pray again and then go to bed!!! HAHA! I love it! The spirit is so strong here! Beans and rice seems to be my diet! That is really about it! I already have to tighten my belt to the next hole! if that makes any sense...I am losing weight! haha! Swoll is NOT life!  All is well though and Mexico is awesome! I fall asleep to gun shots, sirens, screams, and the buzzing sound of mosquitoes every night! HAHA! (I am perfectly safe mother) But I really do love it here!
We taught an investigator on our first real day here...in ALL SPANISH!! We just ended up reading scriptures and Preach My Gospel the whole time. The second time was even worse. He made fun of me because i was using sign language to communicate with him. Then I wanted him to read a few verses in the Book Of Mormon but I did not know how to say 41, 42, or 43...NUTS! I just asked him if he could read cuatro uno cuatro dos and cuatro tres...he paused and looked at me for a sec...then busted up laughing. He would not stop! He was crying! I felt really stupid but now that I look back...it was pretty funny! Yesterday we had the opportunity to teach him again. Before we went in we prayed that he could feel the spirit and then we would be blessed with the gift of tongues. We dropped our books and notes...and went to work! Somehow and in some way we were able to communicate with this man! By the end of the lesson I was able to share my testimony with him without even thinking about it...and my companion did the same thing (Elder S is my companion by the way. He is such a stud). We prayed and then left. The spirit was so strong! He committed to read the BOM and pray to our Heavenly Father. It just goes to show that Heavenly Father answers prayers and that our Savior makes up for out weakness through the spirit. I promise that prayer is direct communication with the Almighty God of this world. What a blessing it is to communicate with Him and to feel His love.
My spiritual thought for the week is for the Priesthood holders out there! Brethren...Girls grow up nurturing and caring for dolls, they learn how to love, etc. and what do us guys do? We destroy things, break things, and shoot toy guns. It is no wonder the Lord does not authorize women to hold the Priesthood! Why do they need what they already have? The Priesthood is love. Women are born with it! Us men need it to help us stop being boneheads (which is impossible) and to become more like our Savior! As missionaries and Priesthood holders we are so unqualified and inadequate to bare this power and authority...but He gives it to us because He knows we need something to help us obtain those Heavenly and Christlike attributes that Daughters of God are already born with! The Priesthood is love. It is the power by which the Son of God created the Heavens and the Earth. It is the power by which He blessed and administered the sacrament to His 12 Disciples. What a blessing it is to bare that same power! Us it wisely! This past week, I have learned that in order to use it wisely and to bare this power worthily we need to act and think like a women. 
Woah Elder Noll! Hand over your man card...Now!!!
I am 100% serious!
Daughters of our Heavenly Father are so incredible, so beautiful, so obedient, so in tune with the spirit, and so Christlike already that they do not even need to be holders of the Priesthood! So Brethren, become a Christlike MAN and PRIESTHOOD HOLDER by becoming more like a DAUGHTER OF GOD. You will be blessed for it and be more qualified to bare the Lords power. Women...You all just keep doing your thing! I love the Lord. I love my Savior! I am learning more and more every day! 
Yo se que Jesucristo es la Redentor y Salvador de a la tierra. Yo se que Dios es nuestra Padre Celestial. La Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos dias es verdad. En el nombre de Jesucristo. Amen.(translation: I know that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer and Savior of the earth. I know that God is our Heavenly Father.
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true. In the name of Jesus Christ.)
Love you and miss you ALL!
Elder Noll


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