Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015

Hey Hey! ¿Que mas?!
I am doing so so good! It has been an incredible week! 
Wednesday was a little interesting...
   I HAD MY FIRST CAMBIO! I am not exactly sure what they use in first change? Not sure...but after our studies in the morning I got a call from the assistants informing me that we had emergency changes and that I needed to pack my bags and be in Guayaquil as soon as possible. YIKES. I was kinda freaking out. And so sad...I did not want to leave Ventanas...AT ALL. But you gotta do what you gotta do. So Elder G and I lost our minds a bit and packed everything up and headed out in about 30 minutes...I forgot so many towel, protein shaker, and even my plaque for my suit. I might need those! Haha!
   But we made it down to Guayaquil and talked to President for a bit...So, when Elder G left, I was assigned to serve in Kennedy, Guayaquil. Right in the middle of the big city. By that time it was about 8ish so my new companion (Elder G, California) and I went and taught an English class... then headed to the house and unpacked my bags and what not. THEN...we get a call when I am all settled in telling me that I have changes...AGAIN! And that I need to be in the office at 11 the next morning!
   So I pack up...AGAIN...haha...and then we headed to the office at 11 the next morning to wait for further instruction. President told me that my new companion would be there there I waited! Finally the door opens and in walks Elder P and Elder D! Our Ventanas homies who we shared a house with! So, the final result of the whole thing is that Elder G went home. Elder P is now with Elder G in Guayaquil. And Elder D and I made our way back to Ventanas to re-unpack my stuff! Haha! So, now it is just me and D! He is such a stud! He is actually from my same group...he went to the Columbia MTC and was the first Elder I saw at the Air Port...I helped him translate an English letter from a friend the first time I saw him...we slept in the same temple hotel room our first night in Ecuador...both got assigned to Ventanas...the same house...and now we are companions! Pretty legit I´d say! ;) 
   I can not even express how hard I prayed that night I was in Guayaquil. I knew that the Lord had work for me to do in Ventanas still. We had progressing families and people that I knew were ready for me and me ready for them. I got on my knees and BEGGED the Lord to let me return and finish the work there that was going so well. And look where I am now...The Lord is so merciful and so understanding. He knows every want, need, and desire. He is so mindful of our souls and our spirits. If you truly want something or desire something...ask Him! I am so grateful to be here in Ventanas still...I absolutely LOVE it here. Elder D and I are working hard! Harder than ever before! There used to be 4 Elders in our sector but now, with the changes it is just us two so we have twice the families. But hey! Busy is BETTER! Especially when you are busy in the work of The Lord!
   It was really touching to say bye to people in Ventanas. People who I have not known for that long but who I feel so close to. Definitely shed some tears and quite a few members and investigators shed some tears when I told them I was leaving. I love how close the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring two people together. Apart from the sadness from saying goodbye...the happiness I felt when I saw them again after returning was unreal! I love the people here so much! They are the most caring and amazing people! Let's just say that church on Sunday was a whole lot of hand hugging because I am not allowed to give out real hugs...haha!
   Had a little dinner with Hermana K again...she is always giving us dinner! It has become a weekly tradition! I got to cook the meet again...and use some type of spray stuff as a blow torch to bring out my inner fire within which is always a good time! It was probably the most "rebelsome" thing I have done in the past five months -  besides wearing the same church shirt twice in a week...
   Yesterday morning we got up SUPER, SUPER early...we have the early morning church now so we have to get up even earlier to go pass for all of our investigators. The problem was that when we got up it was POURING: UNREAL amounts of rain. The streets were flooded pretty Elder D and I got on our knees and prayed that we would have a successful turn out at church. That those who we are teaching would make their way to The Lord's house. That we could find new people to teach...
we made it to church without stopping for anyone...and we didn't have to. The majority of our investigators were there...tons of less actives...and we got two amazing references! Once again...The Lord answers a He always does. But He can't answer to nothing...PRAY! ASK! I promise you will receive! :) The Lord promises that you will receive!
AHHHH...what else can I tell you about my awesome life!!!??
   Spanish is getting better and better every day as I pray harder and harder for the gift of tongues. Many times I don't even know what I am saying to people...but when the Spirit is working nothing else other words are important. It is the neatest thing to feel the Holy Ghost work through you to touch someone else. It is something indescribably perfect...something that I hope nobody gives up the chance to do! 
   Things here are just awesome...but I want to know what is up in the ville? What is up with life in Utah! Someone - help a brotha' out!
I hope all is well and hope you all know that each of you are in my prayers!
   "But before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the Kingdom of God."
I have read this scripture HUNDREDS of times but it never really hit me until I got out here on my mission. What really matters in this life? Is it the sick new car? Or is it giving someone who is walking home from school a ride? Is it the new iphone 6? Or is it calling someone without a friend to hang out on a Saturday night? Is it trying to be rich in popularity and worldly possessions over being rich in spirit? The list could go on forever...
and as hard as it matter the choice, who is involved, or what is at stake; SEEK YE FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Be rich in spirit!
   Nothing is more attractive to me in a girl than when she carries the same attributes that our Savior once carried and still carries. And the only thing that a beautiful daughter of God should be seeking for in a man is someone who she can see someday holding a little newborn infant in his arms and giving them a name and a blessing under the authority of the Melchizedek Priesthood and being a worthy holder of that Priesthood. Being rich in spirit is so, so much more valuable than having temporal things, having a temporal mind, and a temporal heart. 
   You have an eternal soul. An eternal purpose. And an eternal destiny. Doesn't it just make sense that you put all things in an eternal perspective? The things in this life are so temporal...but the results of being rich in spirit are so eternal.
We know that God's Kingdom is glorious above our comprehension and more.
"For no man hath seen God at any time in the flesh, except quickened by the Spirit of God."
   As human beings, we LITERALLY cannot withstand the glory that God has and that His Kingdom is made up of. That is being rich. That is what we should seek after. Someone whose "brightness and glory defy all description" should give us hope as to what we can become and where we want to go. And we are not going to become what we were foreordained to become or end up where we were destined to go if we are more worried about the things of this world than we are about seeking for God's Kingdom and doing whatever it takes to get there.
   It has taken me 18 years and a trip to Ecuador to realize that I don't need a warm shower, air conditioning, or a carpeted home to be happy. The church is still true here. The Spirit still pierces. And Jesus Christ is still my Savior. The majority of people here are so poor...yet some of the most rich people I know. Rich in their spirits. And that is what really counts! 
   Nothing else in all of existence matters besides the Gospel of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and it's teachings along with the Eternal Family. As you come to realize this and live this principle, I testify in the name of our Savior, whose church this is, that you will be more happy and blessed than you can possible imagine.
Every doubt, worry, stress, or fear will be replaced with a surety, courage, peace, and love. 
You will start reigning in the cash...the cash that actually matters! 
Love you all so much! Have an amazing week!
Elder Noll

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