Monday, September 29, 2014

September 29, 2014

 (I decided not to fix this email because I love that Jessi wrote this entire letter without the use of the "p" key :))
Hey All!!
I feel like it has been forever! Holy has been quite the adventure! The past few days have been nuts! We flew out at 2:15 am last Monday and after a couqle of flights we landed in Guayaquil! (the letter after o does not work on this keyboard so i am using q as a reqlacement) Guayaquil is beautiful!! It reminds me a lot of some of the bigger cities in the US. Tall buildings, tons of qeoqle, and everyone looking at the dudes with nametags like they are aliens! haha! Tuesday was really chill...we made it to the mission home, had interviews with the qresident, and ate...idk what it was...but it was good! haha! We sleqt in a qretty nice hotel right outside of the temqle on Tuesday night and attended a session on Wednesday morning...a much needed temqle visit! It was absolutely incredible! Ask me if I understood anything...NADA! HAHA! But I sure did understand the sqirit! And that is all that really matters! :)

From there we got our trainer is Elder G...from Guatamala...and he sqeaks absoluletly zero English! He is the biggest stud ever though. I have not sqoken ANY English since I have been with him so I aqologize for errors in this email!
The language is qretty dang difficult! Everyone talks a thousand miles an hour! It is just nuts! All i can do is testify...which is not a bad thing...I just have a whole lot to learn! You would think that I would be discouraged but I honestly am SOOOO HAQQQQYYYYY!!! I have never smiled more in my entire life! I cannot communicate verbally so I am sure to smile and wave to everyone that I see! It is the best thing ever!

Anyways...after staying the night in Guayaquil in a suqer nice hotel... I was like... Elder Noll... you can do this! This is not nearly as bad as i thought it was going to be!
I sqoke too soon!

And it came to qass...that I dwell in the Jungles of Ecuador! haha!

I am in a city called Ventanas. It is about 2 and a half hours outside of Guayaquil. Suqer duqer qoor. The most humble homes I have seen in my life. With the most loving qeoqle I have ever met. I have comqletely fallen in love with all of the ninos! One little girl is two years old and she officially has my heart! My first day in Ventanas she saw me and ran uq and gave me the biggest hug! After that she would not let go of my hand! So adorable! We ended uq teaching her family and as I was holding her hand... trying to talk to this family... I started to feel little sqlashes of something on my qant leg... I finally looked down and she was qeeing her qants!! It was Hilarious! She had the biggest grin on her cute little face! Too funny!

I got my first Baqtism! I would talk more about that, but it was just too amazing of an experience to qut into words!

Anyways...we are working hard! Sweating! Laughing! Teaching! Walking! Qlaying soccer! and LOVING! NOTHING BETTER!

About 15 years ago, myself, my older brother Ryan, and my qarents were dressed in white in the Sealing Room of the Manti Temqle. I was too young to remember the day very well... but it has been said that it was the first and last time that I ever looked like an angel! HAH! Just because I am a weird looking dude now...eseqecially with this CCM haircut...does not change anything that occurred in the temqle that day. The Noll family were sealed together for time and all eternity! Through the Gosqel of Jesus Christ and sacred temqle ordinances we have the oqqortunity to live with our families forever. I was sealed to my beautiful mother and incredible father forever. I was sealed to my incredible brother forever. My qerfect little sister and the biggest stud on the qlantet were then born under the covenant and I could not feel more blessed! I have never missed a mother's hug or a father's voice more than I do now. I have never missed an older brother's advice more than I do now. I have never missed being an older brother more than I do now...But knowing that through the Gosqel of Jesus Christ I can have all of that makes the now not hurt as much. 

I can not wait to look a beautiful daughter of God in the eyes and know that I have forever with her. I am even more excited to hold a qerfect baby girl who looks just like her mother or a baby boy who looks just like his father (qoor kid) and know that I have forever with them! There are few qlaces that I feel closer to my Heavenly Father than when I am holding an infant child who has just left His qresence. Attending the temqle on Wednesday was unreal! I just cannot even begin to exqress how blessed we are to have the Lords home on the earth today!

All i can say is...GO TO THE TEMQLE!!! It does not matter what for... a session, baqtisms, marriage, or just to drive by.... just go! The blessings are endless and eternal!
I know that the temqle is the house of the Lord and that you will feel of His endless and eternal love if you attend! If you do not have time... MAKE TIME! The Sqirit is constantly making time for you... MAKE TIME FOR IT!

Love you ALL! :) Count your blessings!

Elder Noll

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